UNG DRILL Frame Ikea Hack

UNG DRILL Frame Ikea Hack

You know when you complete a project and it’s so awesome and amazing that you can’t stop staring at it? This is that project! I’m so proud of my UNG DRILL Frame IKEA Hack and so excited to share it with you.

I used to live close to the IKEA in Edmonton, then I moved – but I was still close. I often would go and wonder the store and walk out with nothing. Now, I live roughly 14 hours away from both the one in Edmonton or Coquitlium and NOW I always have an “IKEA list” on the go. I just love that store, especially now when I don’t have access to one.

I was visiting IKEA in March and a found the UNG DRILL frame, I knew I had to have it. I had no idea what I was going to do with it, or where it was going to go – but I had to have it (especially when I found out it was only $19.99).

Ikea UNG DRILL frame

I brought it home, hung it up and was less then thrilled with the color. It was a weird off-white that didn’t compliment any one of my rooms. That’s when I knew I was going to paint it with the Tropical Cocktail chalk-based paint from Country Chic Paint.

I decided to take my paint one step further and attempt a antiqued look. I figured the ornate style of the frame would really help pull this off.

Country Chic Paint colors


The supplies I used for this project were:

  • Country Chic Paint’s Chocolate Tart
  • Country Chic Paint’s Tropical Cocktail
  • Country Chic Paint’s Natural Beeswax
  • Two cheap dollar store foam brushes
  • Lint free cloth

Ung Frame with CCP's Chocolate Tart

The first step was taking the color Chocolate Tart and painting it on the UNG DRILL frame. There was no science to placing the color, I just painted over it and where it ended up – it stayed. It didn’t always look the best, but I knew I was going to be painting over it so I didn’t stress.

Tropical Cocktail Country Chic Paint
I let it dry for four hours, and then I opened Tropical Cocktail – my new favorite paint color. It’s incredible.

Antiquing with Chocolate Tart and Tropical Cocktail

Like I said, incredible!

I let the first coat dry, 24 hours, and then I went over it (lightly) again, just to get some spots I missed. After I was satisfied with the look, I let it dry another day and waxed it.

Country Chic Paint UNG DRILL Ikea HackLook at that amazing detail – I am so proud of this project.

Chic & Glam Frame
Love this frame

UNG DRILL Before and After Ikea Hack

Ikea Hack Ung Drill

For more information on Country Chic Paint, or to see all the colors they offer visit the Country Chic Paint website.

PS – If you’re curious on how I created the print out found in the frame, check out How To Make a Designer Print Using Your Phone.


  1. jennifer haywood says

    Just wondering… I would like to put a mirror in this ing drill frame from Ikea. Do you know where I could get the mirror?

    • says

      No, I’m not too sure. That was my first thought as well but didn’t know where to get one cut at a cheaper cost. I did consider using the paint on mirror but I figured it would have more of a “fun house effect”.

  2. says

    I <3 Ikea, and I love that so many people are doing 'hacks' of their products too to make them more personal. Big fan of yours, and love all that you have done with the Chalk Paint, still nervous myself to try it out, but hoping to find the right piece soon. Awesome to know that it can be used on plastic like this frame! Would also make a beautiful mirror!
    Crystal recently posted…Comment on Learning Fun with Let’s Imagine Elmo {Review & Giveaway} #‎ImagineWithElmo‬ by MarlaMy Profile

    • says

      Thank you so much Crystal! It was so nice to wake up and find this comment :)

      I’m a huge fan of Country Chic Paint. It dries fast and you can’t screw it up – which is a bonus for when I just “wing” projects”.


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