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This weekend I flew to Kelowna to go wedding dress shopping with my best friend. When I landed and turned on my phone I received a cluster of texts from my husband. Long story short: he was offered a job closer to our hometown of Houston, BC and we’re moving. So this is what my office looks like now, this doesn’t even show my desk where my computer is or my closet. With blogging, keeping Carter entertained, organizing, selling items I no longer need and packing – my Type A personality is in personal hell. Working on the toughest room first and hopefully the rest will be a breeze.

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  1. What exciting news! I am also a type A, we have moved a few times in our life and it is always a bit of stress, especially with a new baby. What I did once, when our first child was an infant was have a “packing” party. I gathered a bunch of boxes and packing supplies, picked up some wine, made some treats and invited some friends to help…it was a lot of fun and we packed up much of the house in one evening. {It was tough to give up control over every packed box but well worth not having to do it all while caring for a new baby}

    • Since graduating I have moved five times, which isn’t too bad. I love it for purging and getting rid of stuff but we haven’t even sold our house yet, so I’m a little stressed.

    • Thanks Tammi. I’m excited to get closer to our families, not so excited on the location. I’m going to miss the convenience of Alberta, I’m so close to everything. Now I’ll be living in solitude (they have a Mr.Mikes – so I may be okay haha).

  2. Moving no matter how it is done can be stressful, even if you think you have lots of time, theres alwasys something. Wishing you the best to your move to a new place. Thanks for stopping by Magical Miniature Gardens Wordless Wednesday

  3. We just did a big move last year, and I remember the stress! Try to remember why you are doing it, and focus on the positive when you feel down.

  4. I could not imagine having to organize my office. We had a yard sale last June and it was beyond hectic. With blogging, taking care of my friend’s daughter, couponing,and spending time with my daughter all while trying to keep the rest of the house clean….it was a slight nightmare to say the least. 🙂 Good luck with the move!

  5. My husband’s office looks like this year round lol! Good luck with packing,moving and your new home. Would love to see a photo of your new house on Wordless Wednesday.

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