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I first want to start his review by letting you all know about Booty Buns’ amazing charity donations. Did you know that in many third world countries the “luxury” of cloth diapers is not always available. Instead, many parents who live in third world conditions wrap a t-shirt around their children’s bottom (if that) to catch the mess. No waterproofing or anything. Did you also know that the average American spends $1800-200 per child from birth to potty training? The two differences are extreme.
Booty Buns Cloth Diapers has started to donate diapers to third world countries (starting with Bolivia) and eventually Booty Buns has a goal to make a trip to Bolivia (and other countries) to share their knowledge and joy of cloth diapering. Booty Buns also donates diapers to families with children who have disabilities in the US. It’s so sweet that Booty Buns does this, especially since families have enough to deal with – diapering shouldn’t be another thing to add to the list.
I was sent a one size pocket diaper to review. Booty Buns was one of the only one size diapers that I had that fit Carter early on. That’s because Booty Buns’ diapers grow with your child from three to thirty five pounds, lasting all the way to potty training. Something I have found that is unique to Booty Buns is the fact that they have four rows of riser snaps! That gives you five levels of height adjustment, I have never seen that many options on a diaper before. Every baby is different, and this diaper really gives the option to bring you the best fit.
There are hip snaps on the sides (which prevents wing droop) and the snaps that are provided to grow width wise were places there to mimic disposable diapers, sizing wise.
I’m going to start with my favorite feature on the inside of the diaper. There is a snap to keep the insert in place. This makes it so much easier to stuff and keep everything in place. Great feature. The shell (outside) is a waterproof PUL and the inside of the shell is made of a the super soft suedecloth (it wicks away moisture, great for rashes). Another awesome feature that Booty Buns provides is the fact that you can take the insert out from the front OR the back (not a feature that you commonly find).
I’m really enjoying this diaper (that’s a statement I never thought I would make). It’s really cute aesthetic wise and does a great job in protecting my baby’s clothes from leaks and “explosions”. With the double gussets that hug the legs and the elastic backing, this diaper keeps the mess in. I haven’t yet had an “oh no” moment with Booty Buns. Each diaper comes with two microfiber inserts (one newborn, one large) and a liner. What I have learned about the liner is that you place it on top of the inner lining and it protects your diaper from creams and other products that can cause build up. It also can help clean up your baby’s mess a lot quicker (and easier) and it helps protect your baby’s skin if they have sensitivities to synthetic materials.
Last, but not least  I was sent a cloth wipe. The one I received is the cute brown one with a snowflake print. Each flannel cloth is 7.5″ x 7.5″ and double sided. The one side is terry (which is great for getting the mess off) and the other side is soft flannel (I like to use it to dry his bum before putting his diaper on). It’s a great cloth wipe, especially for someone who’s new to it.
For more information on Booty Buns and to see what fun prints they carry please visit
One of my US or Canadian readers will win a Booty Buns cloth diaper.

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  3. i love the amount of thought that was put into the design of the diapers, and that diapers are donated to needy children!! such a wonderful company! <3


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