Fall Entertaining Using Recipes With Jam #PairingIdeas

Fall Entertaining With a Twist_ 6 Recipes Using Jam

I noticed that the leaves were beginning to change mid-August. As sad as the reminder was that summer was coming to a close, I found myself excited for the fun that fall can bring: Halloween, pear picking and entertaining. Entertaining with classic recipes is always fun, but I wanted to put a twist on a few favourites and bring up the flavour using pairings with jam.

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Top 10 Newborn Must Haves

Newborn Must Haves It has been a little over a year since we brought Carter home after a month of being in the NICU. By the time we made it home from the Central Alberta Ronald McDonald House® it was 10pm (we stuck around for dinner and bingo in celebration of Carter being discharged) and I was tired but couldn’t wait to start using all the fun things I bought previously. I was pretty thankful I jumped on the ball as early as I did, if I would have waited the “normal” amount of time before I started buying all the baby gadgets and goodies, I would have been too late and we would have come home to a big empty nursery. Now that a year has come and gone and I have had time to experience it all, here are my Top 10 Newborn Must Haves:

Tips on Choosing Nursery Furniture for Your Newborn

Choosing Nursery Furniture

If you’re having your first baby and have been brave enough to begin looking for nursery furniture — not to mention looking for baby clothes, baby bags, baby toys, baby foods, and the best universities for babies — you might be feeling a little overwhelmed right about now.

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Getting Your Car Ready For a Newborn

Getting Your Car Newborn Ready


Getting Your Car Ready for a Newborn

If you’re reading this article, chances are you’re getting ready to welcome a new addition into your life. Having a baby is one of the greatest joys in life, and every day will be wonderful (even if every night is sleepless). With a new baby comes a lot of new changes, some that are easier than others. From baby proofing the living room to decorating the nursery, having a bay is both a lot of fun and a lot of work. One of those changes that comes is making your car safe for your baby. Baby proofing your car is important in that it will keep your child safe, and keep your car clean. If the baby is on the way and due pretty soon, check out these tips on how to get your car ready for the new member of your family.

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Our First Real Glimpse | (Almost) Wordless Wednesday

 This is one Wordless Wednesday that I cannot be wordless about. This 3D ultrasound was done at 30 weeks and I am so excited to post it.
This is our little guy. 
This 3D Ultrasound was done at the Women Imaging Center in Red Deer, Alberta and I would highly recommend them to everyone! The experience was amazing. 
More photos to come in a later post.
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The Canucks Compromise

My husband wanted to use the Vancouver Canucks mobile that we had, where as I wanted to use the one my aunt bought me that actually went with the nursery decor.
We came to a compromise. 
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Having The Odd Coffee and Other Things I Have Done “Wrong” In My Pregnancy

Congrats! You’re expecting, now here is a mile long list on what you’re NOT allowed to do.
It seems like the moment you find out the happy news, that is exactly what you hear. (Whether it’s word of mouth, online or in a book. My personal favorite is word of mouth, people love giving our their opinions regardless if they’re asked for or not.) It’s ridiculous all the pregnancy no-nos and it can be a little stressful on the mom-to-be. Every time I had a turkey sandwich I felt guilty and I hated that. Especially when it was the only thing I could stomach for a bit, I figured it was better to eat then not to eat at all. It’s not like I’m boozing up (or worse). I have had enough of the “You can’t do that’s”.
This looks great right about now
My Rap Sheet:
  • I will have a latte/cappucino/cup of coffee every once in a while
  • Ate a hot dog (actually, I have had multiple)*
  • Made (or ordered) a sandwich that had deli meat*
  • Dyed my hair (even though it is proven that this does not affect the baby, especially when the dye doesn’t touch the scalp, you wouldn’t believe the comments I received on this).
  • Ordered fast food
  • I take hot showers
  • In Hawaii, I went in the hot tub (mind you it was only ten minutes at a time)
  • In Hawaii, I went snorkeling
  • I don’t drink near enough water
  • I have tuna (sometimes twice a week)
  • Since I crave sour candies, guess what? I have them. Often.
  • I am not eating enough fruits/veggies
  • I frequently forget to take my prenatal vitamin
  • I had cole slaw on Friday (I didn’t even know you couldn’t do this until now)
  • When I have eggs, I have them over easy
  • Sometimes when I have steak, I take it medium
  • I take Tylenol (even with the Dr’s okay, people still give me their opinion).
  • I drink tap water
  • I’m having peanut butter and toast as I write this

I personally don’t see much wrong with what I have done. I’m not boozing away, smoking or doing drugs. This list isn’t an everyday occurrence (well, maybe somethings are), it’s an every once in a while I do this. I know I’m not the only one and I won’t be the only one.

Feel free to comment with your “rap sheet”.

*these items I buy natural, with no preservatives.

In Loving Memory

Today is a tough day.A year ago today I gave birth to my son, Christian Mattias. For those of you who don’t know, Christian was stillborn. I have been dreading this day, because I was so clueless on what we should do. In preparation for this day I have been constantly reading message boards, blogs and articles on what it is I should do to celebrate his memory. Eric and I both decided that I am going to bake an angel food cake. I have to say at first I felt weird about making a cake, because I thought of it as a birthday cake and there is obviously no birthday. Instead we are just going to call it Christian’s cake, and an angel food cake seemed fitting. We are also doing a balloon release. We also lit a candle this morning and we are having it burn all day. We didn’t decide on the candle idea until yesterday, so I don’t have any special candle. Just a pumpkin pie scented candle. Every year from now we will have a special memorial candle made in his name.

These three things are going to be a new tradition that Eric and are going to do on Christian’s day, every year.

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