Kids Clothes Made With Quality Home Grown Apparel + #giveaway

 Unique and quality kids clothes for boys and girls. Home Grown Apparel uses quality and organic material to make their kids clothes. Amazing kids outfits and baby clothes
I always thought I’d be a boy mom!  My first two children were boys, I don’t wear make up and I don’t worry about what I wear or how I look. When I was blessed with a baby girl three years ago, I thought she’d be a tomboy. She had ample trucks and trains to play with and two older brothers. Being the first girl in the family, aunts and grandparents showered her with all things pink and frilly and it kinda of stuck! Its great for summer time when dresses and skirts are in fashion, but in cold Canadian Winters, she needs to wear something a little warmer. I’m always on the look for a company that can satisfy her girly side while providing her with kids clothes that are warm, comfortable and fashionable.

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10 Date Night Beauty Must Haves

10 Date Night Beauty Must Haves. The best beauty products to have you look and feel your best | The Bewitchin' Kitchen

I’m a girly-girl, and I loved getting dolled up. I have always enjoyed slapping war paint on my face to a fun evening out, and now that I’m a mom I appreciate the opportunity to wear more then just a simple swipe of mascara and yoga pants.

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