Save Money On College Textbooks

As many college students know, apart from housing and tuition, college textbooks can easily put a large dent in your wallet. It seems silly to spend hundreds of dollars on books that you may not open after the semester is over. Reselling those books can be a hassle with the ever changing edition requirements and syllabus changes. Campus Book Rentals is well aware of this dilemma faced by many college students, which is why it is a great place to rent your textbook for more than 50% less than buying them. Campus Book Rentals practically has every textbook imaginable, even those from the most unique majors such as Weaving Country Baskets.
Ordering is easy. Simply search by subject, keyword, ISBN number or author, select your book and it will be shipped to you promptly. When you are done simply return it via mail in a prepaid envelope. With free shipping both ways, you never get stuck with hefty postal charges. The rental time periods are designed to fit the needs of a busy college student and can be available on a semester, quarter or summer basis. If you need to keep the book a little longer, simply extend your rental period by 15 or 30 days. Furthermore, if for any reason you need to rent the textbook for a second time you will receive a 30% discount of your second rental. This still works out to be cheaper than buying your textbooks outright. Save your money for tuition and rent your textbooks instead.

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