SingleJo Coffee & How You Can Save 15% #HugYourDad

Single Jo Coffee

I’m a work-at-home mom; I have two blogs, a fitness business and a house to run. Add in an active toddler, a love for DIY, and my usual chores and it’s safe to say that I run off of coffee.

I have my first cup within 20 minutes of waking up, it gives me the boost I need and it works great as a pre-workout (that is if I have it together and I get my workout done right away).

SingleJo Coffee Hawaiian Hazelnut

I have recently been introduced to SingleJo Coffee, and I have to say – I’m hooked. SingleJo personalizes your coffee experience by giving you a little quiz to find your coffee profile. (You can find your coffee profile here.)

I’m a Maverick, which hits the nail right on the head as I prefer light to medium roasts for my sensitive stomach. SingleJo Coffee has a lot of single serve coffees to chose from for my profile, my favorite being Copper Moon’s Hawaiian Hazelnut.

SingleJo Coffee

I was also sent a cute mug, personalized with my Twitter handle and coffee profile. I was pretty excited when I opened up my package.

Enjoying SingleJo Coffee

 SingleJo Coffee #HugYourDad Sale!

Fathers Day Gifts

Father’s day is coming up and if the man in your life is anything like my husband, coffee is always a great gift idea. Right now SingleJo Coffee is having a great sale for their Canadian and US customers. Buy 6 or more K-cups from SingleJo and save 15% by using the coupon code: DADROCKS.


The Ultimate Coffee Twitter Party

Twitter Party

Get your party hats ready for The Ultimate Coffee Twitter Party. On June 12 at 9 pm EST join SingleJo Coffee and co-hosts for the opportunity to win some great prizes (maybe you’ll win a mug like mine). Here are the party details:

Date: Thursday, June 12th, 2014
Time: 9-10pm EST
Hashtag to Follow: #HavaJava
Hosted by: Make sure you are following our host @SingleJoCoffee 

Moderated by: @hartgalla — @shasherslife
Prizes Awarded by: @tarasview
To RSVP to this party head on over to Shashers Life and fill out the form.
Coffee Lover

How do you take your coffee?
Me? I’m two Stevias (when I’m feeling like living on the wild side, I add a bit of cream).

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  1. Ooh I’m so excited to check out my Coffee profile! And good grief woman – you’re such a babe! Looks like with all your work and being mom – coffee is INDEED working for you! 🙂

    • First off, the smell and with the taste it was so smooth. I love flavoured coffee, so this was a treat! It also was good on my sensitive stomach.

  2. I am totally loving all the Single Jo coffee and of course the mugs are the best. I can’t wait for the twitter party They are so fun it is going to be a blast

  3. Coffee, must drink coffee. Hot, iced, black, sweetened, creamed, anyway I can get me hot little hands on it. Sadly, Mrs. Tuna does not have a twitter account.

  4. Howdy fellow Maverick! Great post. I too am a Single Jo Coffee addict. My fav of the bunch thus far is Sunrise in Paradise. See ya at the Twitter Party tomorrow night!

  5. I’m a Heartbreaker, which doesn’t surprise me, the darker the better and I take it straight up black! My 3rd pregnancy kicked my need for cream to the curb and I haven’t gone back since. Hoping to make it to the twitter party tomorrow night. Great post!


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