Beachbody On Demand – Stream Your Workouts

What if I could tell you that you could bring your at-home-workouts with you anywhere you go? No DVD's to pack, stress out about and get scratched. For the past few months I've been using Beachbody On Demand (BOD) and it's made my fitness life a heck of a lot easier. … [Read more...]

Healthy Hollandaise Sauce Recipe

  I was recently candid about some of my weight loss struggles and how I'm determined to get back to my healthier ways. Since I believe that there is always a healthier alternative, I'm excited to share with you guys a healthy hollandaise sauce recipe. … [Read more...]

New You November Get Fit Challenge Group

Last night I was going through old Facebook photos with my husband. While looking at the Maui album from a vacation a few years ago I stumbled across a photo that brought on a lot of reflection - and motivation. Motivation to start up another Get Fit Challenge Group. … [Read more...]

My Focus T25 Results

T25 Results. Wow, am I already here? It doesn't seem like long ago that I was looking for people to join my very first challenge group. I did my best to document my journey through Focus T25, but I did leave out a few weeks due to the crazy schedule towards the end. For more information on Focus T25 you can read Get Fit With Focus T25. … [Read more...]

Shaun T’s T25 Review: Week 7

Read the previous reviews here: Week 1 Review  Week 2 Review Week 3 Review Week 4 Review Week 6 review T25 Results I just finished week 7 of Shaun T's T25. What an awesome week I just had. I'm feeling strong, and I dropped down to a whole new weight. I've lost a few inches from the beginning, including my arms. I'm sure I am measuring in a different area every time because it says I have only lost 1/4" in my arms but my "tight arm shirt" is pretty loose". My arms are getting more and more … [Read more...]

Focus T25 Review: Week 6

I didn't post a Focus T25 review week 5. It was a great week, I was out of town and still managed to get in all of my workouts. However, I have explained these workouts many times over in these Focus T25 reviews: Week 1 Review  Week 2 Review Week 3 Review Week 4 Review. My first five weeks on the T25 Alpha Phase were amazing, but now it's time to move on to Beta Phase: month two. Updated: Read about my Focus T25 Results. … [Read more...]

T25 Review: Week 4

Catch up on my T25 reviews here : Week 1 Review  Week 2 Review Week 3 Review Week 6 Review Week 7 review T25 Results I cannot believe that I just finished week 4. These last four weeks have flown by while doing this T25 Review. I just have one more week left in the Alpha Phase, I'm excited (but a little nervous) to move on to the more challenging Beta Phase. … [Read more...]

T25 Review: Week 3

Catch up on my T25 reviews here : Week 1 Review  Week 2 Review Week 4 Review Week 6 Review Week 7 Review T25 Results! This week was a tough one for me, I am not motivated at all lately. I am so thankful for my challenge group, they have really kept me on track. It's a great way to keep motivated (no one wants to report in saying that they were the only ones who skipped a workout). I'm so happy to say that T25 Week 3 is done! … [Read more...]

T25 Review: Week 2

Don't forget to read T25 review: Week 1. T25 Review Week 3 T25 Review Week 4 T25 Review Week 6 T25 Review Week 7 T25 Results! I just wrapped up week two of Shaun T's Focus T25 with my challenge group and what a week it's been. This week the honeymoon phase of a new workout was over and I had to really push myself to get up and push play. Two things kept me going: the fact that it's ONLY 25 minutes and my challenge group. In my challenge group I have it so everyone reports their day and … [Read more...]

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