Keeping Resolutions With Almond Breeze #CoolerwithAlmondBreeze

Keeping health and fitness goals and resolutions with Almond Breeze. Perfect for shakes, smoothies, and adding to cereal. The Bewitchin' Kitchen

I’ve been a fan of Almond Breeze for many years, their shelf stable almond milk and milk varieties were always super convenient for buying in bulk. However, I always preferred the refrigerated variety and I’m excited that Almond Breeze has released their Original and Vanilla Almond Milk (both sweetened and unsweetened varieties) available refrigerated.

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Dyson DC78 Cinetic Turbinehead Animal

Thinking about getting a Dyson DC78 Animal? Be sure to read this first. The results are shocking

I consider myself a clean person, I dust daily and vacuum every second day. With a son with asthma, I do my best to keep up on anything that could trigger an attack. I have been testing out the Dyson DC78 Turbinehead Animal over the past few weeks and you guys, I’m seriously shocked at the difference it has made.

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Vitamix S30 Review #TBKGiftGuide

Vitamix review S30 model

I have had my eye on owning a Vitamix for a really long time, I have heard so many amazing things about these machines. So does it live up to the hype? I’ve been trying out the Vitamix S30 for the past few weeks and I’m about to let you know.

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