1 800 Contacts


When it comes to family expenses, I try to account and budget for as much as I can but sometimes the little things slip by and I pay for it later (literally). One of the expenses I tend to forget about are glasses. I’m the only one in our family that wears them (so far, I’m pretty sure my husband could use a pair) and even though I need them, I hardly wear them. So when the time comes to get a new pair it’s always a shock to the system to see how much they cost sometimes. $400? $500? $600+? Yeah, that buys me a renovation or that new patio set I’ve been so desperately wanting. That plus I’m not a looker when it comes to glasses, I prefer contacts.

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Slash Your Grocery Bill In Half With Budget Savvy Diva


It’s just the three of us here in our household and Carter is 11 months, so you would think that our grocery bill is pretty small. It’s not. It’s not like we buy a lot of stuff either, but it’s a lot of meat and produce. So when I had the opportunity to learn how to save as much money as possible while grocery shopping I jumped at the chance to read Budget Savvy Diva’s Guide To Slashing Your Grocery Bill by 50% or More.

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Thrifty Divas | Divas Don’t Pay Full Price

 I’m new to coupon game. I find it to be a fun (and rewarding) hobby and over the last few weeks I have been in search for some great deals. One of my favorite websites to check out is Thrifty Divas.
I live in a small town in central Alberta and the problem with that is us Canadian’s don’t get the awesome steals, deals and coupons that our neighbors to the south have access to. When I see fellow bloggers bragging about their awesome sale on meat for $1 or when I watch Extreme Couponing and see how the “stars” of the show receive $1000 worth of groceries for $50, I want to throw my head through the wall. It’s so frustrating! I’m making the best of my situation (how I wish our grocery stores here had coupons for produce and meat – okay NOW I’m making the best of my situation) and I plan on learning as much as I can about coupons and how to pay the least amount possible.
The website I keep finding myself going back to is Thrifty Divas. What a resource! At Thrifty Divas you will find three categories: Coupon Cathy, Freebie Felicia and Discount Debbie. 
Coupon Cathy is (obviously) the coupon section. With Coupon Cathy you will find some helpful tips for beginners like me and, of course, coupons. Coupon Cathy posts about the latest coupons whether they are printable or mail outs as soon as they are hot off the presses. My favorite feature is that she takes the time to compare prices at other stores and lays it out in front of you to where you can get the best deal (and sometimes get it for free).
Freebie Felicia is all about the freebies. I mean, why buy it when you can get it for free? I wish I checked out Thrifty Divas yesterday, did you know that you were able to get a box of hot chocolate for your Keurig FOR FREE? I missed out big time! It’s opportunities like that (or the free IKEA Breakfast at IKEAs from the 18-20th) that you won’t miss if you stay updated (I’m subscribed via email and definitely recommend it. Thrifty Divas is always being updated and I would hate to miss out on more opps like the Keurig one).
Finally we have Discount Debbie. With Discount Debbie you are going to find everything from rebates and money saving tips. Right now I am in the middle of planning a massive freezer cooking session for when I have the baby in April, and I am loving her Freezer Party post, it provided some simple but useful tips on the big day (or two) I have upon the horizon.
So whether you’re a beginner (like me) or a savvy saver, I think everyone could benefit from Thrifty Divas. It is incredibly resourceful that it’s one of the first sites I visit each morning and even though I am subscribed to a few “couponing” and “deal” sites, this one tops my list.