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 I love this time of year! Why? It’s tax return time! Now, I know a lot of you think I may be a little crazy and I know many of you dread this time of year but I think of it as easy money in my pocket.
This year I filed my taxes with TurboTax online tax software. It was the first time I have ever used this do it yourself software and it couldn’t have been easier. Turbo tax takes you through the tax process step-by step, saving you from being overwhelmed with the abundance of information out there.
You start off small: name, dependents, etc. Grow with  your T4’s and other documents and then work into investments, deductions and others. What I like the most about Turbo Tax is the fact that it shows you how much you’re expected to get in a return (or pay) on the right hand sidebar the whole time. It changes with every change you make, so when you receive your taxes back there is no surprise (or disappointment).
My biggest concern with TurboTax online tax software was the fact that after all was said and done I would have to actually file it with the Government and I had no clue how to do that. Turbo Tax gives you a step by step guide on how to do it. I wanted to E-File (so I got my money faster) and it showed me how to do it, but there is always the option of printing off all of your information either for your records or to mail it to the government yourself.
While I did my return with Turbo Tax, I was also doing one with H&R Block’s online software and Turbo Tax got me more money. Turbo Tax is free to try, so you can do the whole process to preview what you’re going to get back and if you like what you see you just pay the low fee of $17.99 and Turbo Tax does the rest for you (I was paying $84 before). 
For more information on Turbo Tax, visit TurboTax.ca
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  1. I love tax time too! I know if you get money back, technically you’re supposed change your dependents so you’re not giving the government an interest-free loan, but I really like getting that refund. It’s a savings plan that works for me. 😀

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