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It’s here! My blog transition is done and the new and approved Bewitchin’ Kitchen is live. I would like to thank April from A Mommy’s Blog Design Studio for the amazing transformation. My experience with April was comfortable and easy. I was worried on how the first draft would look. I’m not the best at explaining what I want, but April got it almost 100% the first time. A few minor tweeks and she came up with what you see here! It was so much easier then what I was expecting, and I felt surprisingly at ease throughout the whole process.
If you are interested in a blog design check out A Mommy’s Blog Design Studio 
A Mommy's Blog Design Studio
Now that The Bewitchin’ Kitchen has a new design, my previous button is no longer valid. So please update my button on your blog for your giveaway entries to be valid (or if you like my blog feel free to promote it). Here is the new code:

So what do you guys think?

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