3D Ultrasound | An Experience Like No Other

Last week I posted a photo from my 3D Ultrasound for Wordless Wednesday and I received such great feedback that I want to post more about my experience (and of course more pictures).
Living in a small town in central Alberta, my closest option was Red Deer and from the few places that offered 3D Ultrasound, we opted for the Women Imaging Center. We have gone there before for standard ultrasounds and always had the best experience. They are very daddy friendly. When I say daddy friendly, I mean the father can stay in the room the whole time (they even have a comfy recliner for him) and look at the big screen TV at your baby. 

His foot reaching to the top of his head.

It was recommended that a half hour before my appointment I had something with sugar, that way the baby will move and you can experience more at your ultrasound. So, naturally, I took advantage and hit up the drive-thru for an ice cream.
When it came time for my appointment, my tech was knowledgeable and excited to do her job (I have noticed that will all of the staff at the center, it’s great to be in that environment). She explained that if the baby is not in that optimal of a position and they cannot get him to move, they will reschedule (since this is a service that I pay for). What do you know? The baby was stubborn (he has been stubborn at every ultrasound appointment). His foot was up at the top of his head and he wouldn’t move it (it was hard to get a clear picture of his full face because of this) until the last ten minutes.
I’m so happy that I opted for the 3D Ultrasound. The reason why I did was because at my 20 week, my tech first told me it was a girl (he was 90% sure) and then when he checked again he said he was a boy. I wanted to be 100% sure, so I booked the appointment after Christmas. If it wasn’t for that I would have never have done the 3D and would have missed out on so much. I never really wanted one because most of the 3D Ultrasound pictures I had seen in the past were “creepy”, but it’s completely different when it’s your own child.
Something I never expected? He looks so much like his dad it’s unreal. The tech pointed it out at first, excitedly repeating it. When I went home I immediately pulled out a baby picture of him and the resemblance is uncanny. 
I have been told (and have read many times) that it’s common that your baby looks identical to its 3D ultrasound photo when it’s born and I cannot wait to test out that theory. I have done many Google searches on that and it seems to be true from the photos I have looked at.

If you are contemplating on getting a 3D Ultrasound, I highly recommend it. It’s a once in a lifetime experience that you will not regret. I have a disc of over 30 images to hold onto forever now and it’s precious.

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11 comments on “3D Ultrasound | An Experience Like No Other”

  1. It is absolutely amazing how far sonograms have come since I had my youngest 18yrs ago!

  2. Thank you for sharing your story! The theory is correct by the way! My daughter looked exactly like her 3D picture! I worked in Radiology was very excited when the 3D technology was being used on a more regular basis especially when I became pregnant with my daughter. Early on in my pregnancy the question that my daughter had a chromosomal abnormality so it was highly recommended that I have an ammio for a more concrete determination of any issues. At one of my early ultrasounds they gave me a sneak peak of the 3D ultrasound but there was not much to see because my daughter was really small. When I went in to my appointment for the ammio I was scared and did not expect the surprise that we got! I was so nervous that I barely watched the preliminary pictures that the ultrasound tech. took before the Dr came in. After the Dr explained some things about the test he did a comprehensive 3D ultrasound exam. He showed all the organs and limbs. He stopped at the heart and gave us a breakdown of every part of the heart. Then he said he doubted that the baby had any issues and confirmed it with the pictures of her face. From that information we decided not to continue with the ammio. Before we left the ultrasound tech gave us copies of the pictures that they had taken including 1 of her heart. At my baby shower the host framed the picture for everyone to see and after she was born people could not believe how much the picture looks like her!

    It is nice that we now have a less invasive way to screen for certain problems! I highly recommend the 3D ultrasound. But remember to let your Dr know before you have it done!

  3. Congrats to you…wish they had this technology when my children were babies.

  4. All I can say is that these pictures are completely amazing. He’s totally adorable if not downright handsome! Congratulations!!!

  5. I am 9 weeks pregnant right now and will have a regular ultrasound every 4 weeks. But I have been thinking hard about the 3D and now think I will deff talk to my Dr. about having one later on. 🙂

  6. Amazing how far technology has come! congratulations!

  7. They are amazing, when I compare them to the black and white regular ultrasound images I got years ago its fantastic how things how moved on.

  8. Fantastic! I wish I could post pictures here because then you could see my son before he was born and when he was born. he looked exactly the same. We even got a video of it so you can see them bouncing the scanner on my belly to move him, very funny. Before we had seen the pictures of him inside me we couldn’t decide on a name but once we saw the pictures of him we knew exactly what to call him!

  9. I wish this had been available when I had my kids. It really is amazing what they can do these days.

  10. We are expecting our first in May and also had a 3D ultrasound done in Red Deer, but at Peek a Boo Baby 3D Ultrasounds. You’re right, it’s an AMAZING EXPERIENCE and soooo worth it!! They were ABSOLUTELY AWESOME there and we could clearly tell that we are having a boy (yay!). Our family joined and loved it, as many of them have never seen anything like this before. Would go back there in a heartbeat 🙂 Congratulations!

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