5 Ways To Get Rid Of Old Toys

Ways To Get Rid Of Old Toys

Clearing space for the kids

Kids grow fast, which means that your home is probably like a revolving door of dolls, toy trucks and picture books. If you hadn’t planned on this being a part of your home decor, you’ll love these fun ways to clear out children’s items once you no longer need them. Keep reading for creative ideas to get rid of old toys.

Give them to charity. This is a great way to teach your kids about the importance of sharing and helping others. This will work best if you let the kids help pick out some of the things that they feel they have outgrown. This may be a daunting task (there’s always the risk of a temper tantrum), but it also helps them feel like they are in control of what’s happening with their toy stash. After making a pile for “keeping” and a pile for “donating”, contact charities like Oxfam to see if they have a need for children’s toys. If not, you can take them to a bring and buy to raise cash for a similar cause.

Auction them off online. Of course, if your family budget is stretched to the limit, you could also help out the household by selling toys that are still in good condition. Since you’re a busy parent, one of the most convenient forms of selling is to start an account on a site like Gumtree or eBay. This will allow you to post everything–from dolls and toy trucks to old children’s DVDs–online so that you can sell them quickly and effortlessly.

Exchange toys with family and friends. Do you have a lot of friends and family members with children around the same age as yours? If so, there’s no need to ever go out and buy new toys. Instead, host a “toy swap” in which you get together and let the kids pick out “new” toys from a pile of items to which you have all agreed to contribute. You could even use this as a theme for a day party by serving snacks and planning family games.

Store them for a younger sibling. There’s a lot of sentimental value that comes with receiving a toy that an older sibling used to cherish. For extra special items, think of a handy way to store them (rolling bins that fit underneath the kids’ beds is a good idea) so that you can have easy access to them later.

Organize a garage sale. Lastly, here’s a way to get rid of all or most of your kids’ old toys at once. Set up shop in your garden with an array of books, toys and DVDs that passersby may be interested in. And don’t forget to publicise your sale online as well as post signs around your neighborhood.

Bask in the awesome glory of being a number 1 mom.Now that you’ve made all this amazing, enviable and hard-earned space, good on you! Why not reward yourself by popping out for a treat. Get a spa treatment, have your nails done. Or enjoy a day out shopping, buying clothing for yourself or something special for the kids. Go on, you deserve it!

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11 comments on “5 Ways To Get Rid Of Old Toys”

  1. We need to do some Spring Cleaning around here! My mom’s church is having a garage sale so we’ve been trying to go through things to donate to them so they can sell them.

  2. I need to spring clean as well. I’ve got such an assortment of toys. I’ll probably donate some and try to sell some.

  3. We always get boxes out when we are cleaning out toys. One for “get rid of” one for “keep” and one for “trash”. Because with boys there are inevitably some toys that have been broken beyond repair. 🙁 We go through all the toys and then trash the trash box. Give away or store for a garage sale the “get rid of” box. And the keep box gets a 2nd sorting. The toys that get left out to play with and the ones that get put into storage.

    • That’s a great idea Amber. I remember seeing something like that on a blog sometime. There is always a toss, keep and donate bin for toys left out.

  4. We make three piles for toys when we’re weeding some out: store/save (in case the kids want to keep them for sentimental reasons), giveaway (give to friends/donate), sell (to our local baby/kid resale shop). It makes it so much easier to let the kids know they’re in control and can choose what pile the items go in.

  5. I do all of the things you listed. It all definitely adds up quickly. I’m glad my boys know what it means to give.

  6. I think this year will be our first Garage sale year – time to get rid of some of the toys we never use.
    We also donate a lot through the diabetes society.

  7. we send most of ours to some younger nephews, but we really should have a garage sale one of these days

  8. Great tips! I try and clear out or organize toys every other month.The ones that are broken gets put to the trash, but those that are still put together I always donate to the Red Cross and/or my mother in law so the kids have toys to play over her house when they’re over. My girlfriends and I have been wanting to do a yard/garage sale for a while now, hopefully we can do it this Spring once the weather warms up a bit.

  9. I usually just give them away. Sometimes to my sons school for the daycare area there to people in my building. We have toy overload thanks to blogging etc..but I love giving it away. Great tips!

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