An Organizing Tip

About a week ago I asked for some help with organization. I was (and still am) desperate to hear your ideas. Well, so far, one reader responded.

Bettina (from Elisha’s Recipe World) sent me an email with these helpful tips:

1. I keep all related items together. The pots this side, the dishes that side, all the cups together, all the bowls or tupperware and so on. I also group items. Pots and pans here, all dishes you eat and drink from there, all cutlery in the one draw and all kitchen tools in the other one, etc.

2. I keep everything as close as possible to the place where I use it most. The pots, pans, ovenproof dishes and kitchen helpers are close to the stove, for example. I would love to have my bowls, chopping boards and strainers closer to my working surface but that doesn’t work in my kitchen.

3. Things that I use often are kept where I can easily reach them: at the front of the cupboards, and low enough not to need a chair to get there. The back places and hanging cupboards are reserved for things I don’t need so often, like cookie cutter and cake pans.

4. I arrange things the way that makes most sense to ME. I’m the one working in my kitchen, and the others just have to fall in. I’m simply quickest if I know where my stuff is, and the best way to remember is to arrange things according to my way of thinking. If I moved into a new place, I knew I had organized my kitchen properly when I didn’t have to search for things and could work quickly and comfortably. Hope these ideas help you!

I urge you all to check out Elisha’s Quick Recipes. It’s about quick cooking and healthy eating and Bettina told me that later in the year she plans to add more weight loss diet things as well! I know I’m hooked!

Be sure to check out The Chicken With Lemon Or Pinapple Sauce recipe! Sounds delicious!

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