5 Reasons To Love the Avent Classic+ Baby Bottle #LoveIsInTheDetails

5 reasons to love the Philips Avent Classic+ Baby Bottle. Share this with your new mom friends!

When I had my first baby we spent a lot of money searching for a simple easy to use/clean bottle that my baby liked. There were so many bottles to choose from and I found it easy to give into the complicated bottles with a ton of pieces thinking that those would help keep the gas away. I learned that most of those bottles did not work for us and were a pain to wash and take apart and put back together. No one wants to have the magnifying glass out at 2 am while stumbling  through mommy-brain trying to remember how the dang bottle goes back together. The Avent Classic+ Baby bottle has made things a lot simpler. I compiled a list of the 5 to love the Avent Classic+ Baby bottle.

5 reasons to love the Philips Avent Classic+ Baby Bottle. Share this with your new mom friends!

 5 reasons to love the Avent Classic+ Baby bottle

  1. Minimal parts and pieces: This bottle is simple. It only has 3 parts; bottle, ring, and nipple. This makes taking it apart and putting it back together as easy as it gets. (Especially at those 2 am feedings.)
  2. Clinically proven built-in anti-colic valve: For the comfort of your baby and the convenience for us parents, Avent built an anti-colic valve directly into the nipple.
  3. It has a wide mouth:  The wide mouth on this bottle is great for cleaning. It’s really easy to fit a cloth or a wide bottle brush into the mouth of this bottle. The edges are all rounded and smooth, no nooks or crannies to hide bacteria.
  4. Easy to read measurements:  The measurements on the side of the bottle are blue and easy to read. I have had the gradient wear off of previous other brand bottles but I have been scrubbing at them and they have not worn off at all.
  5. It fits onto the Avent Double Electric Comfort Breast Pump:  I love that I don’t have to go searching for a specific bottle whenever I need to pump. I can grab an Avent bottle such as the Avent Classic+ baby bottle screw it onto my pump and get at it. #LoveisinthedetailS with this simple versatile baby bottle.😇😑

5 reasons to love the Philips Avent Classic+ Baby Bottle. Share this with your new mom friends!

Our newest addition to the family is only days old and we have already been using this bottle both with the pump and to feed our new, sweet baby. Whenever a baby product can save me time, I’m ecstatic. My time is best spent enjoying my new baby, so I appreciate the ease of which I can use and clean the Avent Classic+ baby bottle. I already appreciate convenience of the Avent Classic+ baby bottle  and I know it will have us reaching for it over others every time.
For more information on the Avent Classic+ Baby bottle, please visit the Avent website.

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  1. I’d use it for myself as I’m expecting this summer!!!

  2. Not sure yet if I’d keep or gift

  3. I will be using for my daughter 🙂

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