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I recently posted about Dustin Maher and Fit Moms for Life. (To learn more about it, please visit the previous link.) Well Dustin has done it again and has come up with the fasted way to get in shape after having a baby, while establishing the important bond with your baby. It’s called BabyTone and it’s said that you could fit back into your skinny jeans before you’re done breastfeeding.

When I first brought home Carter from the NICU three months ago, I was overwhelmed by how little time I had. If I wasn’t tending to his needs, I was cleaning and cooking. I wanted to fit in fitness, but thought I didn’t have the time. The BabyTone workout incorporates two in one, you can play with your baby while getting in shape. It’s brilliant.
BabyTone includes 7 workouts and none of them are longer then 15 minutes. For resistance you use your baby (love this idea) and only your baby. There are no accessories that you need to buy, it’s cheap and easy. No gym fees, no babysitter costs, and no gym intimidation!
For more information on BabyTone or to purchase the DVDs, visit:

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3 comments on “BabyTone Workout DVD | Body After Baby #FitMomsForLife”

  1. i like the got core DVD too!

  2. I would love to have the FMFL Ultimate Buddy Bootcamp, I would love to have something that works but that hubby and I could do together!
    sneedleali at yahoo dot com

  3. [email protected]
    Maybe the “Got Core”DVD.

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