Be Perfectly Imperfect #OwnIt + #Giveaway

Perfectly imperfect and loving it. How I let go of body issues, focus on the positive strengths that the body provides and love me for being me. My health, my fitness and my mental wellness depend on this.

Two weeks ago I announced that I am correcting my mindset when it comes to health and fitnessI’m ditching my doubt and I’m owning it.

I have been inspired by Special K and their #OwnIt campaign. I am no longer getting hung up on things that I can’t change and being positive towards myself, my body, and my journey.


I’m guilty of it, in fact, I think most of us are. So let’s stop the hate and shift our mindset!

Special K is supporting women to ditch their doubt, focus on what they can change, and not be discouraged about the things that they can’t. That means a realistic and positive change for women to commit to their health.

It’s only been two weeks, and I’m undoing many years of negative self-talk, but there has been progress. Being kinder to myself, being proud of my physical activity accomplishments, and swapping out unhealthy snacks for healthier options have been making a difference in how I feel both physically and emotionally.

I’m going to share with you how I am letting go of body issues and I hope that what I’m doing will help you too.

Perfectly Imperfect:

Perfectly imperfect and love it. How to let go of body issues, focus on the positive strengths that the body provides and love you for being you!

My arms have always been built on the larger side, and I can’t tell you how many times I have looked at myself in the mirror just to put them down. I put the above photo in this post because I was going to say that I appreciate that I have my arms to build my upper-body strength with planks. Do you know what I never realized what my arms have given me the gift of until now? It wasn’t until I really looked at this photo and saw my son hiding under me and it’s hit me: my arms are awesome. They are awesome because I use my arms every day to lift my son and gift him kisses, to carry him to bed at night, and to hold him when he cries. He seeks comfort in my arms and because of that my arms hold a tremendous amount of value.

Since I began to love my body I have gained two things: confidence and gratitude. It began with subtle shifts and looking at things with a little more positivity. Focus on the GOOD your body brings you. I posted the above video in April and I was terrified. I was terrified of what people would say and what they would think. I was terrified because it wasn’t perfect. Now I look at it and I love it! My movement is almost fluid and you know what? 85 others liked it as well. 85 other people related to my moment, and that’s a cool feeling.


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104 comments on “Be Perfectly Imperfect #OwnIt + #Giveaway”

  1. Stick to my plan and my routine

  2. I’m letting go of the uncomfortable feeling I get went I buy clothes, and the fixation on numbers – sizes, weight, measurements – and buying what fits and what i feel good in

  3. I will create a routine that works for my and my daily life and set goals for where I want to be and when.

  4. When I set up a plan to go to the gym, I just need to stick to it and not make any more excuses. I’ve been meaning to learn how to lane swim but have been too scared of going to the pool in my bathing suit after gaining weight. But I need to Own It and just dive in!

    • You can do it Karly! I have been the same. I haven’t taken my son swimming since my weight gain as well, it’s one of the first things I am going to do now after the move.

  5. I will not give up my weight loss goals. #OwnIt.

  6. I will try to commit to exercising several times a week and stick to it.

  7. I will play a routine and stick with it.

  8. I will find a friend to work out with so that we can motivate and support each other.

  9. Now that I beat cancer I will get back in shape better than before.

  10. I like having friends to motivate me!

  11. make time to research how to do core work properly #ownit

  12. I will make exercising as much of a priority as anything else. It’s always the first thing to go when I get busy.

  13. I need to find my style I think I am not going to fit that S size any more and no need to.

  14. I have been slowly making commitments to myself recently, rehabbing some old injuries so I can #OwnIt. The first step or appointment is somehow always the hardest.

  15. I really want to get into a routine to walk daily. It’s so easy to decide not to exercise daily but I know for my health it is the best thing for me.

  16. I have a workout buddy who supports and motivates me during those days I am feeling down

  17. To ditch my doubt and #OwnIt, I will not be focused on scale measurements or clothing sizes but focus on healthy eating, to get fit, and to life a healthy lifestyle.

  18. To ditch my doubts and #OwnIt I decided to get a fit bracelet in order to set goals, and commit myself to getting fit and being able to monitor my progress. I #OwnIt.

  19. I already #OwnIt , I don’t waste time worrying about my body anymore. I suffered with eating disorders when i was young and a young adult an when i finally became happy with myself i n the skin i was in , I owned it at that moment. I tell myself every day that I can eat what i want , when I want and maintain my ideal weight and i keep that mindset. I chase around a toddler all day and rarely sit and do squats which are the best exercise ever and i just keep going everyday . Loving myself , all of me , exactly as I am is the best way to own it .

  20. To ditch my doubt and #ownit I am going to stay off the scale and stop focusing on the numbers and focus on how I am feeling. I have a fitbit and have been trying to use it to motivate me and so far it is working.

  21. To ditch my doubt and #OwnIt, I am signing up at my local fire hall for a “walking club” and have asked my husband to go with me, he has never done anything like this before but I know I will keep my commitment with him going also . I just want to feel better and have more energy, I may ask for a Fitbit for a gift and feel good that I am doing something for ME-for a change, if I lose weight … fine but to get healthier is my goal

  22. I’ve been walking more, and maybe bought some new clothes to boost my confidence, but look forward to going out and buying jeans so that is a reward for after

  23. To ditch my attitude that I will start tomorrow on a diet and excercise and start today and #own it

  24. Create a routine and stick to it!!

  25. Create a routine and stick to it is the key

  26. i will love my self for who i am and tell my slef i am loved

  27. I have started a routine and so far I am i am sticking to it, woohooo

  28. I #ownIt with finding the right clothing that fit my body shape instead of trying to fit my body into something that makes me feel bad

  29. I’m letting go of the failure feeling when I don’t have a good day, I’m going to keep trying.

  30. Need to make a routine and stick to it!

  31. I will keep up my goal of running every day.

  32. I will set realistic goals. That way I will be able to achieve them.

  33. I will keep track of my food intake and have portion control

  34. letting go of bad habits and binge eating

  35. I would set a routine and stick with it.

  36. I think planning and sticking to plan is key! Important to build a routine.

  37. I was always to aware of what I thought I had to look like , what I had to wear, what things were wrong with me..but now I just do what I feel is best for ME.

  38. I’m going to ditch the idea that I can’t run a half marathon.

  39. I will remind myself that I am worth it and take the time and put in the effort to do it!

  40. I will ignore the nay sayers and keep with my plan!! 🙂

  41. I will own that fact that I have an imperfect body and try to be healthier by attending a local walking club when ever possible, I want to be healthier and that is up to me

  42. I made an exercise plan for at home, without adding pressure I simply put reminders on my calendar that I can do as many or as little as I want for the day.

  43. I’m going to stick to doing things that make me feel great — like eating healthy, exercising, and having fun with my family and just not worry about my imperfections. I’m trying to focus on the positives in all situations.

  44. I just bought a fabulous dress for my 20 year reunion!

  45. Once baby #2 comes, I will embrace my stretch marks and loose skin…I just brought a little person into the world…something to celebrate.

  46. get my butt in gear and exercise even if it’s a bit everyday. and be proud of my accomlishments so far

  47. I have promised myself that I will get more physically active in the coming months and have joined the Y in support of this goal. I plan to #Own It!

  48. I really need to get back into my yoga. I love how I feel when I’m doing it regularly and my body deserves the therapy, it does after all, carry me through each day.

  49. find a friend to work out with

  50. I am going to exercise more

  51. I’ve realized that healthier choices (like water and tea instead of pop) make me feel better — and that makes feel better about myself! So I take my imperfections and #OwnIt

  52. I am going to stick to my yoga routine #Ownit

  53. my exercise goes downhill in the winter with the cooler weather. I am going to make a routine to get on the exercise bike and take up ice skating again

  54. I need to ditch my poor attitude about how I look. I need to find a positive in myself at least once.

  55. I have been on a get fit journey for the last two years. I watch what I eat, basically following Canada’s Food Guide. And the key for me to #OwnIt is to surround myself with positive people and who have a zest for life. Thanks for this giveaway and congrats on your journey too.

  56. I’ve been going to a PIYo class that was a bit scary for me, but now I’m confident in it.

  57. i’m not going to let a bad eating day ruin my motivation! #OwnIt

  58. I am going to ignore numbers and pay attention to food intake and results will show. #OWNIT.

  59. It would be great to win a Special K Prize Pack.
    In response to your question of
    What will you do to ditch your doubt and #OwnIt?
    I plan to get more physically active in the coming months,
    eat healthier foods and drink more water.
    I can lose weight if i try.
    Thank you for having this giveaway.

  60. I will keep trying rather than listen to the voice in my head that tells me I can’t do it…this has been happening to me when I think about attempting 21 Day Fit Extreme…but I will do it!

  61. I will continue to believe in myself and not worry what others think about me.

  62. I will have to make a plan and stick to it!!

  63. I’m going to get a tracker to keep track of my fitness regime.

  64. I have weight loss goals and I will stick to it!

  65. I will try to stick to my healthier eating plan and getting up early enough in the morning so I can get in a workout before work.

  66. keep that alarm set so I get up earlier to fit it in my schedule

  67. I will find ways to incorporate more movement into my everyday life. Subtle lifestyle changes make a huge difference.

  68. I stick to a plan that fits me.

  69. I pray for wisdom and carry on #OwnIt

  70. create a plan stick to it and rub it in their faces!

  71. I think a lot of it comes from inside, so I will keep on changing my attitude so that others opinion don’t affect me

  72. I will do a cleanse to restart my body and from then on, eat healthier and think positive.

  73. I will only buy clothes based on their fit- not the size number on the tag.

  74. I will eat way more vegetables and less processed carbs

  75. I am owning the changes my body went through with pregnancy (mainly in the middle region). I’m going to focus on living my life instead of the mirror.

  76. Treat myself as I would my best friend #OwnIt

  77. I think I really just need to accept myself and be happy with me. Then i’ll really #OwnIt.

  78. I will change step by step

  79. I’ve stopped listening to negative people, I have supportive friends and family, I’m eating much healthier and instead of taking the bus everywhere, I do a lot more walking now.

  80. Listen to my body and not what anyone else says. I know what I need and I know when I need to take care of myself. I can’t let everyone come before me.

  81. I plan on doing this for ME and not for anyone else! I want to be healthier and feel better and not to look better in other’s eyes!

  82. I plan on keeping on the plan, and learn to accept the compliments that people give me. its hard when you can’t accept the image you are not portraying

  83. I plan on owning it by being proud of myself , setting goals and doing my very best to make them , but know as long as I’m trying I am a success ! PS This is just a tear jerker , thank you !

  84. I will listen to my body for how much to eat and I’ll stay slim doing it!

  85. I’ll ditch the doubt by stopping negative talk to myself and embrace confidence!

  86. I will not sweat the little stuff.

  87. I will stick to my plan and be accountable with others!

  88. Decide on what matters to me, my internal motivation and be proud of my achievements! #ownit

  89. Have a daily routine, stick to it, try & reduce carb eating & #Ownit

  90. I’m going to love me for me.

  91. I am going to stick to healthier eating!

  92. i will make a schedule for running and walking

  93. I’m walking the long way home 🙂 #OwnIt.

  94. I will keep getting my 10,000 steps and be proud to have a body that can do that every day! #OwnIt

  95. I developed a workout regime in the spring that really helped. Then I took a serious fall and never returned to the plan. Now that a usually sedentary winter is coming, I shall begin again and #OwnIt.

  96. I’ve quit smoking and am determined to get back to who I really am inside and out . No stopping this mama Own it for me no one else

  97. I will stop buying those junky foods that are too easy to reach for when they’re in the cupboard. #OwnIt

  98. I have been having a hard time losing weight but I stick with it and keep positive. #OwnIt

  99. I will let go of my insecurities and be confident in who I am!

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