Beach Inspired Furniture Makeover #CountryChicPaint

Beach Inspired Furniture Makeover Using Chalk-Based Paint and Wet Distressing. So easy

This furniture makeover project has been my Everest. Seriously, I have been working on it for months and it’s gone through many transformations. So how about we just enjoy what I’ve done so far.

Furniture Makeover Before

I took this desk after my Grandpa passed away. I saw so much potential in it, and a million ideas went through my mind. It was so lovely. The lock and key still worked (I lost the key on the drive home) and I found a sweet little letter from the original owners. It felt like such a charming piece.

My original thought was that I was going to transform it into a shoe rack, then I was just going to use it for storage and then it hit me…

I’m going to make a wine rack.

The plan was I was going to hang glasses upside down in the top part and remove the drawers and make “X” shelves. The idea was beautiful, and I kind of got started on the plan.

Being a DIY blogger is tough with a toddler running around

DIY projects are tough with a toddler running around.

Originally I tossed on a coat of Pebble Beach by Country Chic Paint and I was going to go over it with Liquorice and distress the Pebble Beach through. Then while I was doing my Kitchen Table Makeover, my son got into some of the paint and attempted a DIY project of his own.


The wine rack project was just not happening. I finally gave up on that last month and decided to make a fun and colorful piece instead. With the end of summer, I thought something beach themed would be perfect.

Using vanilla frosting as the first layer in this furniture makeover

I first applied a heavy coat of Country Chic Paint’s Vanilla Frosting and let it dry for two hours. It’s such a beautiful and warm color, I’m also planning on redoing my stair spindles with this color. Stunning.

Tropical Cocktail from Country Chic Paint is one of the most beautiful colors I have found in chalk based paint
I then applied my favorite color, Tropical Cocktail. I only did one coat, and there was some white that showed through but I planned on wet distressing it anyway.Wet distressing is such an easy no fuss way of adding charm to your furntiure makeover

How To Wet Distress:

I’m sorry, I meant to take photos but I wanted to work fast so I didn’t get anyway. It’s so easy:

Do not let the paint dry. Country Chic Paint recommends doing this in under two hours – I did it within twenty minutes.

Take a damp cloth and with various pressure (start light) “wash” some of the paint away.

I used heavier pressure around the edges and the odd spot to make it look “beachy” and worn out.

Country Chic Paint Gold Wax - This stuff is awesome.

Instead of the standard wax, I wanted to age the piece a little more. Not antique it, but not have it look so fresh. Country Chic Paint’s Gold Wax is perfect for that. It has some shine too (I love the pearls in it).

I love Country Chic Paint's Gold Wax, here is a before and after

Applying the Gold Wax gave off a subtle difference. I love it.

Country Chic Paint Gold Wax used over Tropical Cocktail

Left: No wax Right: Country Chic Paint’s Gold Wax


Are you ready for the before and afters?

Wet distressing with Country Chic's Chalk-Based Paint. Such an easy project

My favorite distressed part of this dresser makeover.

This is my favorite part. I like the look of wet distressing.

Yes, I am aware there is no hardware to complete this furniture makeover. The original ones I chose didn’t work with the piece at all, then I ordered another set – they still haven’t arrived (I think they’re lost).

Easy project using a wet distressing technique. I can't believe how easy it was!

I’m kind of thinking about putting in some boat rope and using that. It goes with the theme, don’t you think?

Tell me: What kind of hardware should I use?

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8 comments on “Beach Inspired Furniture Makeover #CountryChicPaint”

  1. That looks really cool. You should find hardware shaped like seashells. That would look nice. I love refurbishing old furniture.

  2. You did such a great job! I really love the colour and the distressing – beach style furniture/decor always seems awesome to me.

  3. I am in love with your choice of color and how special is it that it was your grandfather’s. I do like the idea of rope hanging somewhere around or above it! Go for big button-like handles. Something vintage with a modern flair! What an extra special project!!! LOVE!

  4. looks great!!! The boat rope would be such a nice touch. Maybe incorporate shells somehow too? Beautiful well done!

  5. WOW!! You are so creative! I would never be able to picture the final product when looking at the orignal! You did a great job! I love reading your posts and seeing what you create!

  6. That turned out really nice. I would maybe stick with the beach theme. Something like shells maybe? I’m not a creative person.

  7. Looks great and what a super way to give old beat up furniture new life!

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