Best Posts of 2014 – Personal Favourites

Best Posts of 2014 From The Bewitchin' Kitchen

I have already posted the most popular posts of 2014, but now I want to post about my personal favorites written in 2014.

2014 was a  year of growth for The Bewitchin’ Kitchen. I learned so much and saw a lot of improvements. I improved in my stats, which is awesome, but I also improved my writing style and photography skills.

In 2014 I also started another blog, The Everyday Domestic, it failed. So I transferred the posts I did for that blog over here to The Bewitchin’ Kitchen (which is why you will find a few with the watermark The Everyday Domestic).

I wanted to do a little round up of what I believe are the best posts of 2014 for The Bewitchin’ Kitchen in 2014, so here they are:

Favorite Posts of 2014:


IKEA UNG DRILL Frame Hack: I LOVE this little Ikea Hack I did. I transformed this frame with a chalk-based paint and made the print using my iPhone (here’s how you can make a printable on your phone).

Jake and the neverland pirates cake

Jake and The Neverland Pirates Cake: I made up this cake for my son’s second birthday party this year. It was a great success and I’m really proud of it. It was originally posted to my other blog, but I transferred over.

21 Day Fix Results
21 Day Fix Results: 2014 has been a roller coaster for me with my health and fitness. I’m currently working hard on my thyroid health (I had a thyroidectomy and it’s been chaos ever since). So whenever I achieve success, I like to share it.

Kelowna Travel - Stunning View From Kelowna Mountain
Kelowna Mountain Bridges
: Two of my girlfriends and I took a last minute trip to Kelowna (and the rest of the Okanagan) last May and decided to hit up Kelowna Mountain Brides, we had a great time and I wanted to share our adventure.

A 20-Something's List To Accomplish Before 30

A 20-Something’s List To Accomplish Before 30: On my 26th birthday I did a little bit of reflecting and came up with this list. Everything I write on The Bewitchin’ Kitchen comes from a personal place, but this post came from somewhere deeper. I hope you like it.

5 Okanagan Wineries you have to visit on your next wine tour.

5 Okanagan Wineries You Have To Visit: I love The Okanagan, my annual trip is something I look forward to all year. With that visit we usually visit a few wineries and I wanted to write a post about my favourites.

Sweet and Spicy Turkey Burger with Pineapple Sriracha Sauce
Sweet n’ Spicy Turkey Burger with Pineapple Sriracha Sauce: It’s a low carb recipe that doesn’t skimp on flavor. I haven’t made it since, but I think I will be adding it to my menu plan soon. It was a huge hit with my husband and me.

Maple Butter Cinnamon Rolls recipe - the most amazing cinnamon rolls ever

Maple Butter Cinnamon Rolls: Aside from these tasting amazing, I’m really proud of the photography on this post.

Biscotti Munch recipe

Biscotti Munch: After falling in love with the variety from Costco I decided to head home and attempt to make a batch myself – it was a tremendous success.

Quick and simply DIY Wine Charms
DIY Christmas Wine Charms: I’m really not a crafty person so when I put these wine charms together, I was pretty proud of myself.

So that’s my year! I hope you enjoyed my favourite posts of 2014, and if you agree don’t forget to pin it!

What was your favourite moment of 2014?

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29 comments on “Best Posts of 2014 – Personal Favourites”

  1. Congratulations on your blog’s success. Happy New Year!

  2. These are a lot of great posts. My favorite is the recipes.

  3. Honestly I love ALL your posts! They are so inspiring!!! I’m hoping to jump back on the exercise wagon, so the 21 day fit looks awesome!

    • Thanks Jenn! It’s a great program. She is releasing a 21 Day Fix EXTREME in February (which is very exciting), from what I gather the moves are a little tougher and there are not “treats” allowed for 21 days. I plan on testing it out in April 🙂 (Feb-March I’m going to do the new Insanity.)

  4. Great list!! Congrats on your success! (And I can see why the cinnamon bun post did so well…those look amazing!!)

  5. I LOVE the IKEA frame hack! It is gorgeous!

  6. These posts are all AMAZING. That Cinnamon Roll one just made me drool all over myself though. LOL! Your food has that effect on me!

  7. So many great ones!! Inspiration GALORE!!

  8. My favourite moment of 2014 were the two times I was told I’m going to be a grandma in 2015! That’s hard to beat!

  9. my favorite moment in 2014 was having my second daughter 🙂

  10. Those Maple Butter Cinnamon Rolls look SO good! I want to make some but don’t think they’d fit in with this darn diet.

  11. I have to agree that your list contains a lot of highlights that I enjoyed over the past year. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Thanks for the recap!! I am a new follower so nice to see what I have been missing!!! Now must check out the Biscotti Munch!! 🙂

  13. You know we lived in the Okanagan and never visited any wineries, it is now on our list to do.

    • I would probably be a regular if I lived there (not to sound like a wine-o or anything haha). I just love the idea of having local wine and supporting the local family wineries.

  14. A great collection of personal bests. My favorite is the recipes.

  15. That is quite a successful year. Looking forward to another 🙂

  16. I love stopping by everyday and seeing what’s new and exciting, thanks for all the great reads!!

  17. What a great year of posts.

  18. Thanks for all the reviews and post! They are great to read while I was traveling to and from work!

  19. So many wonderful posts! Always enjoy reading them! Especially love all the recipes !!!

  20. Great posts and especially love the recipes! 2014 seemed to go by so quickly!

  21. The Sweet n’ Spicy Turkey Burger with Pineapple Sriracha Sauce recipe looks amazing. Can’t wait to try it out

  22. Yay, I can’t wait to read through all of these posts! I loved your IKEA hack, and following your journey of health and fitness — all the best for 2015!

  23. Looks like there is a lot of great posts for me to check out! The cinnamon buns will be first!

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