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 On a beautiful summer evening, there is nothing better then sitting down to a wonderful steak dinner accompanied with a bottle of merlot. It sets your mood to complete relation and you’re able to take in your surroundings and appreciate them. I was able to do this on Sunday night and it was a great way to end Mother’s Day.
That being said, wine can get expensive and I’m always trying to find the best prices. We go through a lot of it around here and no, it’s not because we drink like fish but because I love to cook with it as well. When was brought to my attention, I browsed the site for prices on my favorite Merlot, Chardonnay and Champagne. I have found savings of 10, 20 and even 45%! That’s not all, if you sign up for their daily wine deals, you can save up to 70% off the wine of the day. What a fantastic site to be apart of.
At, not only will you find your favorite wines but also fine wines and an excellent assortment of gift packs (regular and corporate) and gift baskets. My favorite gift basket is the Tuscan Trattoria Italian Wine Gift Basket, where you receive a bottle of Banfi Col di Sasso, an assortment of pastas, basil sauce and pesto, biscotti and even a stainless steel collander. A great gift for an italian cuisine lover, all for only $59.99. also brings you a selection of wine clubs to join and if you’re like me who doesn’t know a whole lot about wine (you just know you like it) there are wine basics which teaches you about wine and all the information that you need to know.
I encourage all you wine lovers to check out Unfortunately they don’t ship to Canada, but you can still learn the ins and outs.
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