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I grew up in northern British Columbia and something you did on the summer weekends was camp (possibly because there was nothing else to do in my hometown). Camping holds so many great memories and I miss going dearly. Yeah, sure there are camp sites in Alberta but they are not the same and I’m not willing to go to Banff or Jasper to pay an arm and a leg. Something I have always noticed about camping is that it is very male oriented. Don’t these companies realize that women are big campers too? Well at least one does, CamPink.
CamPink Outdoor Equipment was born by Ashleigh in beautiful Vancouver British Columbia.
After years of time consuming and frustrating searching for all things Pink to use on her many outdoor adventures, Ashleigh screamed “Why do I have to look like a boy when I camp!” And CamPink Outdoor Equipment was born. Ashleigh has created all CamPink products to be durable and of excellent quality and value. Ashleigh hates crappy stuff, and would never sell that to you, her customer. All our products are made for you in mind, an independent adventuresome woman who wants to play outside without blending into the background. We hope that you enjoy all of our products for many camping seasons and many years to come.

I was sent the CamPink Lounge Chair for review.  When you are sitting around the campfire, or just lounging in the back yard you want to be comfortable. Those hard plastic chairs are hard on my tail bone and back and some of the more comfortable (and yet affordable) chairs break easily (I have seen my dad bread a countless amount). When I first opened up my CamPink Lounge Chair I thought it was just another lounge chair, as soon as I sat in it, I was pleasantly surprised.

My first thought when I sat in the lounge chair was that it was sturdy, yet comfortable and that it was a weird combination (in a good way). I’m not sure if it’s just the weight loss or what but the chair seemed a lot wider and bigger then the regular camping chairs that you can buy at your local box chain store. I also don’t want to forget to mention that the material the lounge chair is made of is thick and I don’t know too much about materials but you can tell it’s a good quality chair. There is even an attached foot chair and pillow (which I love the both of them), and FYI ladies (and men): I had the the chair facing my couch and the foot rest is at the perfect height for the person sitting on the couch to give you a foot rub! I even had Eric sit in it and bounce around to test it out (he was not gentle) and it even withstanded his weight, even when he forced himself down on the seat! The CamPink Lounge Chair is a must have for any camping lady! “This chair is so tough the boys will be impressed, but they still won’t take your seat”
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