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 I love personalized products. It’s another way to announce who that product belongs too. Whenever I customize something; I usually upload a photo of our family, Carter or one of the pets. I’m not that creative, and definitely not artistic enough to design my own artwork. That’s why I love Caseable.


With Caseable, you can do all of the above (or stick with one of the pre designed options) when you purchase one of their protective products. Caseable sells laptop sleeves, kindle, e-reader, iPad and tablet cases. I have ordered laptop cases and sleeves before and the previous companies I have dealt with gives you dimensions to work with, and even then it didn’t! Caseable wants to ensure you have the perfect fit, so they have the models of the product to choose from. 
Another product Caseable sells are journals, which is what I chose to review. I’m always finding a need a scrap piece of paper to write on but it’s not easy finding a proper journal where the pages rip out clean, and it’s eye appeal (yet still fits in my purse).

I chose the pre designed leopard print with the white, soft suede, interior. I love leopard print anything, you may as well call me the modern day Peggy Bundy. I love how this journal is the best of both worlds. It’s large enough to actually do stuff on, yet compact enough to fit in my small leopard print Miche bag.
The journal comes with a pen and two pads of paper (one already “installed) and an extra one. This may sound weird, but the pad of paper is my favorite part of this journal! It rips off cleanly (it’s a huge pet peeve of mine when you go to rip off some paper from the attached pad and it doesn’t come off clean). The paper is thick and a decent quality, there is also a lot of it. I have used my journal every day for: lists, jotting down ideas, etc and it appears that I haven’t even wounded the pad.When the time comes and you have gone through both of the unlined writing pads, you can order refills from the website.
This journal is handcrafted in Brooklyn out of recycled materials from Germany, Japan and China.
There are many designs to choose from and the customization possibilities are endless. There is an option for everyone. The journal’s dimensions are 7.8″ x 5.25″ and there are options for black, pink, white, purple and orange for the interior color. The journals retails for $34.90 and would make a fantastic stocking stuffer or Christmas gift.
For more information on Caseable or to browse their products and designs visit:

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