Celebrating My Beauty, Strength and Confidence

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Everyday I log onto Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and (my favorite social media platform) Instagram, and everyday I see stunningly beautiful women on my newsfeed. It can be a little intimidating at times, and I tend to do the unhealthy thing and compare myself to others.

When I think about beauty, I think about confidence. I’m going to be honest here, confidence is not always my strong suit. I run comparisons, pick apart my features, and can be a little harsh on myself.

That stops now.

I am beautiful because I am unique and you are beautiful because you are unique. We need to celebrate our differences in appearances and enhance our individuality.


I love make-up, I find it fun and when used properly – it gives me a boost in my confidence. I like to use it to play up my natural features and enhance areas that are usually down played (like my eyelashes). I don’t use it to make myself look like a different person and I don’t think that’s what make up should be used for. Why disguise yourself as someone else? Celebrate you!

Beauty comes from more than just appearances, personality comes into play. I know many people with quirky personality’s and it only add to their beauty. They’re fun to be around and they tend to always have a gorgeous smile on their face. When I see a person who is physically beautiful, but they’re on a high horse or treat other’s poorly – that’s not beauty. In fact, it makes them ugly. They’re not people I want to be around.

Carrie Underwood is a stunner, both inside and out. I have always admired how true she is to herself and how humble she seems to be. I find we have similar views on beauty and confidence (does that mean I’m just like Carrie Underwood?). Watch Carrie talk about beauty in the above video.

What does beauty mean to you?

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, and I have received payment or special perks. All opinions are 100% mine.

16 comments on “Celebrating My Beauty, Strength and Confidence”

  1. Beauty is definitely on the inside!

  2. You are totally right! Everyone is unique and beautiful in your own way, gorgeous photos!

  3. I do think a smile makes anyone instantly more beautiful… and it’s free, so we should all smile more! 🙂 And we all should celebrate our beauty and strength, because it will make us more confident! Great post!

  4. This is a great campaign! I love reading what everyone has to say, plus I am finding so many great bloggers!

  5. Wow I love this post. First, you are beautiful…second, you described perfectly how I feel about myself. Sometimes social media makes me so depressed…lol. I love the message you are sending here.

    To answer your question ‘What does beauty mean to you?’ I will say that individuality and confidence definitely scream beauty to me.

  6. I agree, that beauty is much more than the appearance on the outside. People notice the outside first, of course and it is nice to be noticed, but it is what is on the inside that truly counts. This is a beautiful post!

  7. Beauty to me is feeling comfortable in your own skin and being true to yourself. I think that women who are confident in themselves are the most attractive.

    • I fully agree with you Kerrie. They’re usually the ones that attract the most friends, and always have a smile on their face 🙂

  8. I think women can be really hard on themselves. It’s great to start talking about beauty in different ways, so that we realize we are all beautiful in our own way.

  9. Has anyone ever told you that you are SO FREAKING GORGEOUS! <3 Lady you are amazing. I love Carrie Underwood too! This is a fabulous post. I completely agree with beauty isn't JUST appearances!

    • 🙂 Thank you so much Jen!

      Beauty is so more then appearances, it’s a feeling and how you get to your “beautiful feeling” is different with everyone. Whether it’s makeup or tattoos and piercings 😉

  10. I agree. Carrie underwood radiates beauty as do you Randa. Beauty is being confident and loving life and being kind. Makeup enhances beauty sometimes but not if the core of lovely isn’t already there. I love almay beauty products. I wear the same shadow often on my eyelids. I am a brown eyed girl but I like the hazel shades.

    • Thank you so much Paula 🙂 That is so sweet.

      I’m green eyes but sometimes they look hazel, so I usually just opt for that 🙂

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