Charlie Banana Diapers

 One of my resolutions is to go green, or greener (I already have made some efforts). I also know some people who’s resolutions are to have a baby, so I figure why not combine the two?
With many years of experience in the Toy and Juvenile Industry as well as being a mother of two young children, Winc Design’s president, Gaëlle Wizenberg, decided to create a custom line – Charlie Banana™ . Born from the Winc Design family, Charlie Banana™  is a product collection that combines eco friendliness, quality and design in one brand. Charlie Banana™ is a result of inspiration and joy from the owner’s children – her son Zachary and daughter Charlie, or “Charlie Banana” as Zachary calls her. It’s with great joy that Charlie Banana™ comes to life.
When I was pregnant after much research I decided that cloth diapers were the right choice for me and my baby. I learned that with cloth diapers your chance of diaper rashes are much lower, you don’t have the awful chemicals that disposables do and they are much greener (did you know that disposables take 500+ years to decompose, think of how many diapers there are in landfills all over the world)! The chemicals were the #1 reason I decided to go cloth. Did you know that in disposables there are many chemicals, chlorine and perfumes? For a baby’s sensitive skin, that is a recipe for disaster. Even the chemical that is linked to toxic shock syndrome is in disposables!

Cloth Diapers are no longer that white piece of cloth. They now come in cute designs that are very trendy. Another decision I made when I was pregnant that the only cloth diapers I would use are the one size diapers. I wanted them because they grow with your baby. Forget buying diapers in different sizes. Just use the snaps to make the diapers wider and/or longer. It saves you even more money, especially if you have more then one child.

I was sent a One Size 2-in-1 Diapering System with two washable or disposable inserts for a review. After my first inspection I noticed how soft the liner was and the inserts. Not only did they look comfortable for your baby’s bottom but they looked absorbent as well. I really liked how you had the option of disposable or washable insert. I gave the diaper away for a friend to use and she chose to wash the insert. She was a cloth diapering virgin and she said it wasn’t near as bad as what she thought it would be. It came clean easy and she said it worked great. She already knew that cloth diapers don’t hold in liquids as long as disposables (which is one of the reasons disposables have a high rash rate) so as long as you changed they diapers at the appropriate time there were no leaks.

So for all of you moms, dads and parents to be I recommend checking out Charlie Banana for a green cloth diapering system solution that will not only save you $3000 but make your baby more comfortable as well.

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