Cleava 2012 Holiday Gift Guide

Less then two months to go until Christmas. This year, my husband and I are focused primarily on gifts for Carter but we’re going to do stockings for each other. It wasn’t until I started looking around for stocking stuffers that I realized, it’s not the easiest thing to buy for. That’s why in this Holiday Gift Guide, I’m thrilled to introduce Cleava (a perfect stocking stuffer for all the women in your lives).
Cleava snap on bra mock camisole was designed by a woman for women, to hide the décolletage area it can be instantly removed or placed on, allowing the user the freedom to expose or conceal her cleavage, depending on the occasion or environment. Go from work hour to happy hour  (Corporate to Casual), no need to fully undress  – go from conservative to sexy in seconds!

I think all of us women have a shirt or two that’s a little too revealing (I have several) and although it’s a nice shirt, it’s not appropriate to wear to work, school, church, etc. One solution would be to wear a camisole underneath,  but personally I find that extra layer of fabric to be uncomfortable and it makes me feel bulky.
I was sent the Cleava to try out and review. A friend of mine was staying with me when I received the package and her first thought was that it looked like a thong. A wide “v” panel in the front, and a thinner strap in the back, she was right. After looking at Cleava’s site, she’s not that only one. It’s known as your thong for your bra. 

Cleava is simple to apply, snap Cleava into place over your bra and you’re set. Since no woman is alike, Cleava offers options. There are a number of snaps, so your Cleava fits you properly.

I have tried a few products that are similar to Cleava, and to be honest Cleava is my favorite. I like how you can adjust the size (perfect for growing bodies and pregnancy women) and I also appreciate the fact that Cleava is made with quality. Cleava is the only snap on cami that I have found that is stitched securely and doesn’t look and feel “cheap”. It washes well in the machine and didn’t lose shape in the dryer. The seams are thick and I don’t see them wearing out anytime soon.
I wear the Cleava with a sweater of mine, and I think it would go great with shirts like the one in the photo above. That being said, I noticed when I wear it with thin, cheap tanks or light fabric t-shirts (like the ones from American Eagle), you can see the seams of the Cleava through the fabric. That’s my only issue with it.
Cleava makes a great gift for any reason (and any season), but since Christmas is upon us why not purchase Cleava for the women in your life and cross off another stocking stuffer. 

On Sale from $19.95 – $24.95 For a limited time Cleavas are on Sale:
   $10 off the MSRP is $29.95 to $34.95. This is the perfect time to buy and if you’re going to purchase more then one check out the exlusive deal for my readers below.
For more information on Cleava visit:
Michelle De Sousa, the inventor of Cleava, is extremely confident that you are going to enjoy your Cleava so much that she is offering FREE SHIPPING. You will also receive THE 30 DAYS GUARNTEE. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your Cleave you can return it within 30 days of your purchase. You have got absolutely nothing to lose, so why not give Cleava a try! You’re gonna love ’em!
To take advantage of this offer enter FSTB at checkout with your $50 minimum order to qualify for free shipping.


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