Cowgirl Chocolates Review

Not  Just Hot…
Bucking Hot!
I love spicy food, but spice in my sweets? When I received my 1/3 pound sampler I was so excited to try them. In my pretty little box I found truffles and a caramel. Half of the chocolates were mild and the other half spicy.
Although Cowgirl Chocolates are known for their gourmet spicy chocolates my favorite one out of the sampler was the milk chocolate. It was one of the best milk chocolate truffles I have ever had. Absolutely amazing, so creamy I could have ate at least a dozen. My second favorite was the hazelnut flavor, and it was a spicy one but not too bad where I couldn’t stand it. It added a nice kick. The spicier raspberry chocolate was too much for me, although I could finish it it was just much to spicy for my sweet tooth but not as spicy as the habanero caramel, woo was that one every spicy, even Eric thought so.

Cowgirl Chocolates also carry more then just chocolates and caramels as well, I am currently interested in purchasing their mild Old Fashioned Hot Chocolate and their Spicy Hot Chocolate.

I would recommend Cowgirl Chocolates to a friend anytime! They would make a great gift for any occasion!

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