Creating a Reading Nook

Reading Nook
I have an odd shaped living room, its long and narrow. I recently decided to create a little reading nook; a place to read, blog and relax.

I had a vision on the space I wanted to create, but my supplies (and budget) were limited. I picked up my french script chair (available here) at a great price, but I was missing a table. I wanted something that I could set a cup of coffee on, but something that wouldn’t tempt me to store clutter. The mini table I picked up from my Grandpa’s house was perfect.

Mini Table Before

I’m usually not one that can see past colors and see the potential in items but from the moment I saw this table, I knew I had to have it. All it needed was a mini makeover from Country Chic Paint.

Country Chic Paint Simplicity

Country Chic Paint is chalk-based paint, and it has made my DIY life a whole lot easier. There is no sanding needed. Just apply a few coats, wax and you’re done. The finish is incredible. I chose to use Country Chic’s Simplicity (just like I did with the DIY Framed Chalkboard).

Waxing Furniture

The application was really easy, and it only took two coats to cover up the previous colors (which was surprising to me since the dark wood did show through after the first coat). The paint smoothed out on it’s own and after waiting (an agonizing) twenty four hours, I applied the wax.

Natural Beeswax

I used Country Chic Paint’s wax brush for the hard to reach areas, and a lint free cloth for the larger parts. Waxing furniture is my favorite (that’s an odd statement). The piece really transforms with this finishing touch.


Refinishing a table


Beautiful upcycle using Country Chic Paint



It’s amazing what a little paint can do.

Everyday Domestic

Country Chic Paint’s “Simplicity” not only transformed my piece of furniture (with very little effort), but it completely reinvented my space. My boring and empty corner, is now a welcoming spot where I can take a moment and take time for myself.

Creating a happy place

For more information on Country Chic’s products (and to find out how you can get a free sample), head on over to Country Chic Paint’s website. Also, don’t forget to like them on Facebook and follow on Pinterest to be inspired by projects.

Again, here are some before and afters:

Country Chic Paint Project Before and after table project

8 comments on “Creating a Reading Nook”

  1. looks like a cute and cozy spot, the table turned out great! and I love that chair!

  2. A coat of paint is just what that little table needed. Lovely! (I covet that chair, but have passed on getting one. white fabric is banned until the sticky fingers brigade gets a little older. )

  3. Beautiful reading nook that you created! The table looks really fresh and inviting painted white.

  4. You did a great job with your little nook, Randa! I’m always in awe of people like you who can come up with great ideas. I would have never thought to paint that table and cover up that wood…but it looks fab. Love the chair!

  5. I would love to believe that I would have the talent to transform a table such as you have. It’s gorgeous!

    Plus, I adore that chair! As a former librarian and lover of the written word… WOW! I want one. hehe!

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  7. Can I ask you if you participate in the blogger program? I applied and wondered what my chances are lol!

    I love the transformation you were able to make! Great before and after for sure!

  8. great spot! ๐Ÿ™‚ looks nice!

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