How To Make A Designer Print Using Your Phone


How to make a designer print with your phone. No need to fancy programs, this app lets you DIY your own home decor.

My UNG DRILL Ikea Hack that I posted two weeks ago was a hit. I received a few messages on Facebook and via email asking me where I got the designer print that featured the Coco Chanel quote. I actually made it and here’s how you can too:

I used the app Word Swag, it’s a fun way to dress up your Instagram posts and I’m excited that I found a new use for it.

I apologize for the broken images. I originally had this DIY on an old blog and imported the posts to TBK. Unfortunately, I lost a couple images. I will make a video soon!

Step 1:

Word Swag How To

Open up Word Swag and click the load image button.

Step 2:

How to create an image in wordswag

Load your desired background, I chose the pink bokeh style one. I also reduced the opacity.

Step 3:

Double tap on the text and add your desired saying and at the bottom write the source, or there are some random generators to surprise you with quotes.

Step 4:

Change your font, layout and font color to what you desire and save to your phone. Note: when you are making your image in Word Swag, take into consideration the size of your frame. 

Step 5:

The image and resolution are not at the quality at this point to be printing in a large format. So I emailed it to myself and opened up Photoshop (if you don’t have Photoshop try PicMonkey). I upped the resolution to 300 DPI and changed the size to 16×20, this way I knew it would fit in the frame, I would just have to cut it into an oval shape. The font was squished up a bit from the original look, but it still looked alright. I then ordered it from an online photo company (I used Shutterfly), be sure to google coupon codes because I scored an additional 40% off on this!

The finished look was this:

It was the perfect look for the vanity frame, and I’m so happy it turned out. When it showed up, I cut it to fit in the frame and my UNG DRILL IKEA HACK project was complete. In total this project cost me $14!

How to make a designer print with your phone. No need to fancy programs, this app lets you DIY your own home decor.


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20 comments on “How To Make A Designer Print Using Your Phone”

  1. Word swag download commencing now! Awesome job and how perfect for you in that vanity area!!

  2. Brilliant! I have been waiting to do a Quote frame for sometime, but didn’t know where to start. THANK YOU!

  3. That is so awesome, wow! I love how many apps there are out there just to improve Instagram pics, or make networking on there a little bit more fun. 😀 Wish Word Swag was available for Android phones… It looks like such a fun program, and as you showed, so useful for outside of instagram too! I would probably start using it for featured/titled images on my site if I had access, lol. Thanks for the heads up! 🙂

  4. so creative! it looks fabulous there!

  5. wow that is so impressive!

  6. What a great tutorial. Thanks for the idea.

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