Disney’s The Aristocats Diamond Collection

 There is nothing better then a classic Disney movie. I know most movies these days are computer animated and although the technology is amazingly cool and the colors are out of this world, I prefer the old fashioned cartoons. Some of my favorites are The Aristocats, Aladdin, Beauty and The Beast, and The Lion King.
That’s why I’m so excited that Disney has released the following classics in Diamond Collection:

  • The Aristocats
  • Pocahontas & Pocahontas 2
  • The Rescuers & The Rescuers Down Under

The majority of us have seen at least one of these movies and I’m going to talk about the Aristocats today. Originally it was realized in 1970 and the animated classic featured the talents of Eva Gabor and Phil Harris.
When the evil Butler kidnaps Duchess and her kittens, out of jealousy that the felines are going to inherit the fortune from their owner. The feline family rely on the help of Thomas O’Malley, a smooth talking alley cat to help them find their way home.
This movie is a great flick to watch with the family. It’s has adventure, catchy songs and loving characters that will leave an impression for a lifetime (I have always favored Marie and her attitude).
Go out and buy your copy today, before it goes back into the DisneyVault.
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