Dress Up Your Space With Right On The Walls

I have stated in a past review that I have a love/hate relationship with vinyl wall decals. There has been times where the application process has been so frustrating that I almost have a breakdown because it’s not going as planned or just not sticking. Out of all the company’s I have worked with (and bought from) there is only one that has a tear-proof application process, and that would be Right On The Walls.
I have worked with Right On The Walls before. Last year during my 2011 Resolution Gift Guide I had the opportunity to test out their kitchen wall decal Eat, Drink, and Be Merry. That decal is still on my wall and it’s the only reason why I hesitate to paint my kitchen a new color. It looks fantastic.
This time around I decided I needed to spruce up my basement a little, in particular the laundry room. Before Right On The Walls the door leading into the laundry room was depressing and I found the perfect solution on Right On The Wall’s site.
My application process was incredibly easy. I have to be honest, I was dreading unrolling and sticking and doing the whole thing but once I started I was thrilled with how error proof it was.
After letting your decal acclimatize to your room (the first time any company has suggested this step and it makes the world of difference) you have to take your applicator and run it along your design. This ensures that the letters will transfer to the transfer paper properly. 

Peel of the backing and apply your design where you want it, making sure it’s level. Then just rub along the letters and it should transfer over easily. Some letters required a little more “love” then others to transfer completely but that is why you remove the transfer paper slowly and taught. You can catch any mistake this way without disastrous consequences. If something doesn’t work as hoped, just simply lay the paper back down and rub some more. It’s very easy to do.
The end result? A welcoming (yet funny) greeting that adds a little bit of character to an otherwise drab room.
My laundry room is an unfinished disaster and ideally I would have this decal placed over a hamper but since I don’t have dry wall up, I thought it would be suitable on the door.
I’m more then happy with Right On The Walls and the results their products offer. If you’re thinking about adding a little oomph to your decor, be sure to check out Right On The Walls. They have so much selection, you’re sure to find something that completes your room. For inspiration check out the Wallterior Design blog and sign up for their email list.
For more information, please visit rightonthewalls.com and don’t forget to Like ROTW On Facebook and follow ROTW on Twitter.
Right On The Walls is offering my readers a discount of 15% off their order. Just use the code BR15DCT at checkout.
NOTE: Gift Codes are redeemable up to face value, but do NOT include shipping costs! Right On The Walls gift code expires immediately after use.

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6 comments on “Dress Up Your Space With Right On The Walls”

  1. I love the Keep Calm wall decal, as well as the laptop skins! 🙂

  2. My kids have something similar and they LOVE them. They even let me turn out the lights at night so that they can see them!

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  3. i love the color print water bottles!! i could have my little fella with me all the time that way 🙂

  4. Love the Madness Wall Decal

  5. i like the flower tree wall decal
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  6. So excited! Can’t wait, off to surf their site (received your email). Thanks for hosting.

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