Dyson Animal DC25 Review

I don’t even think I can begin to tell you how excited I am about this review and giveaway for you guys. I contact Dyson a while ago to set up a review and a possible giveaway and when they replied I was beyond words. They were interested in working with me! ME!

Needless to say, when the UPS man showed up with my Dyson Animal DC25 I was ecstatic. I could not wait to bust it out and vacuum my whole house. As soon as I got home for work that day, that is exactly what I did. I started off simple enough, just my living room. With a clean canister I was interested to see what I could pick up. Let me state this first: I already vacuumed that morning. So when I made the first couple passes with the Dyson and I saw all the filth being lifted, I didn’t feel disgusted; I felt relieved. I couldn’t believe all the cat and dog hair that was being lifted from my carpet, I couldn’t even see it. It was deeper then the surface.

That weekend I decided to go nuts with my cleaning. I used the attachments that came with the Dyson to clean my drapes and my couches. They looked great after wards. My biggest problem spot in my house were my stairs. They are carpeted and my cat (before I kicked her outside) would always sprawl along them and sleep, so the fur would get caught in the grooves My vacuum didn’t even make a different, or my hand-held. So I was excited to see what my Dyson could do. Let me tell you, I was not disappointed. I didn’t even need to use my attachments, I just placed the head of the vacuum on the stair and you could literally see the cat hair get sucked up. I hate to admit this but after doing the stairs and my whole downstairs I already had to empty the canister. It made me realize how much of a crappy the job my previous vacuum was doing.

The last bit of vacuum testing I did was a week before the wedding, when I cleaned out my car. I have never used a vacuum (other then a shop vac) to clean out the car before and I thought using the Dyson would be a great test. We all know what gets in our vehicles: bits of food, loads of gravel, and garbage. The Dyson sucked it all up. I used the attachment in the picture to the left (the one at the top of the picture). Of course, I was careful about the size of the gravel I sucked up (if it broke I would have cried), but everything worked out perfectly and I couldn’t be happier.

Another feature of the Dyson that I appreciated was how easy it was to take apart. The second day I had my Dyson, I sucked something up that I shouldn’t have and it made a god-awful noise. I was so worried I broke it. So I read the instructions on how to open up the front, and it was so easy anyone could do it. Very user friendly. In the course of the two months I have had my Dyson Animal I have taken EVERYTHING apart more then once (just to see how it works) and I haven’t broke it yet, so that’s a good sign and if I can take it apart and put it back to together so can you.

The last thing I would like to mention is how fluid and easy the ball makes vacuuming. You can turn on a dime. It felt weird at first, but I got used to it pretty quickly. I don’t mean to sound like a stereotypical man with a car but…she rides smooth. Since I have received my Dyson Animal DC25I have had so many people asking me how I like it. I will tell you what I tell them, “You’re house isn’t clean until you have a Dyson”. It’s that simple.


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