Building a Healthy Easter Basket #honibesweet + Twitter Party RSVP

Tips on building a healthier easter basket (and bonus it doesn't break the bank) from The Bewitchin' Kitchen

Right now in our home we are working on my son’s nutrition. His eating habits are awful. Not only is he a picky eater, but he’s also a sugar monster. I’m having a tough time with it, so I was kind of dreading creating his easter basket.

Healthy ideas for kid's easter baskets from The Bewitchin' Kitchen

There will be some chocolate (real chocolate), I don’t believe in deprivation, but since we’re looking to improve his eating we’re more so looking to provide some fun toys and more natural options this year.

Honibe gummies complete and delicious honey delights candy.

I’m a big fan of honey: I bake with it, I use it in cooking to sweeten sauces, and now I’m giving it as gifts thanks to honibe®.

honibe® is a brand that I have already used before in our home (their cough drops are the best), and I’m really excited that they now have adult honibe honey gummies™ complete along with kids honibe honey gummies™ complete.Childrens vitamins that are 50% less refined sugar and natura (plus they taste great)

The honibe honey gummies™ complete are gummy vitamins made respectably for adults or children. They’re made with 50% less refined sugar than other gummy vitamins and because they’re made with honey, you can rest assured that you’re getting the healthy benefits that honey provides (which includes minerals). With the gummies you are also provided with three delicious flavors, I’ve tasted them all and let me tell you: you cannot tell that these are vitamins, they taste delicious.

Honibe Honey Delights are natural candy sweetened with honey. Delicious and natural.

Along with the kids honibe honey gummies™ complete, I am also including honibe® honey delights® in my toddler’s Easter basket. I saw they’re for my son, but I’m going to be honest here: I’m totally stealing them. Each candy is 10 calories and is made with honey. I think this would be delicious to add in tea as well.

Putting together my son’s healthy Easter basket was easy (and cheap), here’s how:

**Warning: sound will play** Creating a low sugar (but still tasty and fun) Easter Basket is easy with @purehoneyjoy. #honibesweet

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  1. Head to the dollar store, grab some a basket, plastic eggs and a few toys your toddler would like. I chose a toy race car, a giant pen and a bubble gun and bubbles. You can even go the extra step and filling the plastic eggs with playdough, little toys, crayons, etc.
  2. For a sweet treat (and a healthy twist) add the honibe® honey delights® in place of candy, and include the kids honibe honey gummies™ complete (to begin the healthy routine of adding a multivitamin daily).
  3. Arrange the eggs, toys and honibe® product and let your little one find their healthier Easter basket on Easter morning.

Tips on building a healthier easter basket (and bonus it doesn't break the bank) from The Bewitchin' Kitchen
For more information on honibe® or to purchase their products head to

#honibeSweet Twitter Party RSVP:

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12 comments on “Building a Healthy Easter Basket #honibesweet + Twitter Party RSVP”

  1. I really hadn’t heard of Honibe before but I am a huge fan of honey. There are so many great health benefits to honey in itself. Thanks for the great post, I will check them out.

    • I really like how honey has natural minerals, antioxidants and even some aminos! Plus it tastes good. I buy their cough drops and it works so well on my sore throat this past winter.

  2. Great tips! I don’t do Easter baskets for my kids but if I did I like your suggestions for creating a healthier basket!

    The honibe vitamins sound really good as well, I’m horrible for remembering to give my kids vitamins or even buying them, but that’s because the standard bottles don’t last long around here with 4 kids lol

  3. I love the focus on making Easter baskets healthier. While I have nothing against candy, I think it’s good to show SOME restraint! 😉

    • I still plan on leaving a trail of chocolates to his basket. There will be some chocolate, but I wanted to cut back a bit. Especially since we’re having such a hard time with him eating food.

  4. I like the idea of a healthier Easter basket, lots of fun stuff! I have never heard of honibe honey before, I will have to check it out

    • They make some tasty products Kim! I really like their cough drops (I have bought them a few times now), I think they work better than the big brands (and it tastes better too).

  5. Some great ideas here, though I always thought a healthy Easter basket would be super hard to make!

  6. Great ideas! I’ll look for those Honibe gummies too. I have a 3-year-old who doesn’t like chocolate, but we all eat too many sweets. Thanks for inspiring healthier choices!

  7. I love the healthier Easter basket. You’ve got a good mix of tasty things and fun toys. I bet those vitamins are tasty for kids and adults. I don’t use honey very often, but you’ve got me thinking about ways I can incorporate more honey into my recipes.

    • I was sharing on the Twitter party last night that when I’m sick I like to mix juice from a pineapple with honey. Not only is it delicious but the honey soothes my throat and the pineapple reduces the cough!

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