Evenflo Bebek Trainer

Feed. Snuggle. Bond 
For over 90 years, Evenflo has nurtured babies’ growth and development. Evenflo understand the
importance of the connections developed between parent and baby during feeding time.
I received the Bebek® Trainer Cup to review. The Bebek trainer provides a smooth transition from bottle to sippy cup.
Right now Carter is in the stage where he is trying to hold his bottle while feeding, but he’s not quite there yet. He’ll either forget what he’s doing after a while or, quite simply, have a hard time grasping the bottle. The trainer cup really comes handy with this party of his “feeding himself” development. The Bebek Trainer has a handle attachment that has three places where he can grab (all evenly spaced apart). This makes it a lot easier for Carter to hold on to it himself. When he has the “holding a bottle” thing down, it’s removable and he can continue on from there.
The trainer cup can be used from four months on and is specially designed not to leak, which is a pretty awesome feature but my favorite feature of this 5 oz trainer has to be the spout. 
Not only is the spout soft on teething gums but it’s two nipples/spouts in one! When they’re younger and still needing a slower flow, you can put the attachment valve (that normally hangs down if you’re not using it) on and it slows down the flow. When they’re ready for a softer “sippy cup” flow, just unlpug it. It’s that simple and it’s one system, which I love. You don’t need to be changing out nipples every few months. It’s all in one system with the Evenflo Bebek Trainer.

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