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I had many ups and downs when it came to nursing my baby, so for the majority of the time when I was actually able to produce breast milk I did it via pump. It was a lot of work, but I felt that the benefits outweighed the troubles.
As soon as I started pumping in the NICU (and when I finally was able to come home) my biggest struggle with pumping was holding my double pump in place all the time. It was such a pain not being hands free and always occupied after three hours. It wasn’t until I tried the La Leche League Hands Free Pump Bra from Expressiva Nursingwear, that my life got a little bit easier.
First bonus? It looks like a real bra. Yes, I understand that nursing bras serve a purpose but why is it that the majority of them are just down right ugly and (dare I even go to the point of saying) grandma-ish? As a young mom at twenty three, I wanted to feel like a woman again. Being milked like a cow eight or even ten times a day puts those feelings on the back burner and having an ugly nursing bra was just insult to injury. I really liked how the seamless cups didn’t show through my t-shirts and the bra was cut low enough that the cups weren’t riding out of my neckline (a problem I had with previous nursing bras).
Not only was the hands free pump bra aesthetically pleasing to look it, it kept my nursing pads at a need to know only basis. Another issue I had with previous nursing bras? You could clearly see the circular discs smiling at you through my shirts, it was so embarrassing.
Comfort wise, the La Leche Hands Free Pump bra is given two thumbs up. I didn’t have any issues with this bra while wearing or pumping. This pump bra is a mircofibre (also known as incredibly soft) padded bra. It has a drop cup for nursing, as you would expect to find but it also has a second layer that you can put the double pump shields in to keep in place while you pump. This way you are hands free and you can flip through channels, type on the computer (TMI?) or play with your baby.
The breast pump I used was the Medela Pump In Style Advanced, and the breast shields fit fine. The La Leche League Hands Free bra fits most double pumps.
To find out more information on Expressiva Nursingwear and all the products they carry, please visit: Don’t forget to check out their Facebook fan page either.
Expressiva Nursingwear carries all things nursing from the beginning stages of maternity to when you bring your child home. You will find nursing bras, swim wear, tops, dresses (even special occasion), sleepwear and breastfeeding accessories.
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    So glad that you got pumping figured out. I pumped for 17 months (had my triplets at 30 weeks) and don’t know any different.

    Besos, Sarah
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