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Known as America’s Trainer To Mom’s, Dustin Maher has started a fitness revolution. Mom’s are notorious for always putting themselves on the back burner. Their families always come first, but in order to provide a healthy example (or just for our own mental and physical health) it’s time to put ourselves first. 
Fit Moms For Life is a game changer for us moms. This book is a great tool and resource for your new lifestyle change and healthy future. It’s for moms of all ages and moms to be. (There is a chapter on post partum weight loss ladies that goes through some myths and helpful facts to make your post partum fitness possible.)
Fit Moms For Life has it all. It starts out with motivation. You meet some of the Fit Moms For Life success stories, complete with photos. This gets your amped and gives you the attitude of “if they can do it, so can I”. These success stories and photos continue throughout the book and keep you motivated with each chapter. Then Dustin goes into the most important part: mindset. If you change your mindset, you will change your body. This is a whole body transformation, from the inside – out and Dustin doesn’t leave a single thing out.
When it’s time for the reality check, I was excited. Most people dread the idea of taking measurements, body fat percentage and doing a fitness test. Just change your mindset, and you will find that since this is the last time you will ever see those numbers again you’ll be excited to take your “before and never again” stats.

Then the exercise begins, and something I appreciate about this book is the fact that Dustin covers the possibility of too much exercise and the negative effects it could have on your body.
The nutrition chapter is one of the best resources. You’re given a list of the famous “dirty dozen” and “clean fifteen”, a chart of healthy carbs, fats, and proteins to include in your diet (which gives you a base and allows your to get creative in your cooking). What works best for me is a meal plan, and this book has examples that you can follow. There are even gluten free and dairy free options. Best part about this book? You are not going to starve. Dustin doesn’t believe in low calorie diets, he makes you eat!
The recipes are delicious and easy. Crock-Pot Chicken with Herb Rub is one of my favorites. It’s so easy to toss everything in the slowcooker, head out for the day and come home to a nutritious meal that is only 122 calories.
Fit Moms For Life has it all, and encourages you to document and follow your goals. This is a great resource for all moms (and moms to be) to own.

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  2. Buddy BootCamp!

  3. The sugar post was interesting… I’ve seen other fitness experts talk about giving up sugar. I actually did myself when I was growing up – my brother couldn’t have it for seven years so we went sugar free.

  4. I like the protein powder! You can make any meal or snack packed with nutrition!

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