The Ford Piquette Plant and Dining In The Halls of History

Have you ever shared a part of history? This past week I can say that I have, and my story begins where a major piece of world history begins: The Ford Piquette Plant.

Ford Piquette Plant - A special part of world history

Ford Piquette Plant

The Ford Piquette Plant

This past week I have had a surreal and memorable experience. I was invited by Ford Canada to head down to Detroit to experience the North American International Auto Show (or NAIAS).

Ford Piquette Plant Digital Influencer Event

Ford Piquette Plant:

My first experience was The Ford Piquette Plant. I can’t talk about The Plant without telling all of you just how beautiful this building is. The windows, the brick work, everything is just outstanding. For the most part, everything is original and it’s a National Historic Landmark in the USA. Why you ask? Well, it’s the birth place of the Model T.


Something that sets apart Ford from the competitors is their heritage. Granted everyone has a history, but there is something special about Ford’s. The pride from their heritage beams from every employee with the telling of their story. Everyone seems to be excited to not only share their connection with Ford but to be apart of history in the making.

Dining at the world famous Piquette Plant

How many people can say they ate dinner where the Model T was dreamt, designed and built? I’m honoured to say I have. I dined in the halls of history.

Motivational Quote from Henry Ford. Come see what else I learned from The Ford Piquette Plant

After touring around The Piquette Plant, something I took from it was that Henry Ford was a forward-thinking man. He was ahead of the game on so many levels and his passion and perseverance reflected in every piece of memorabilia.

Canadian Bloggers at the Ford Piquette Plant

Aside from history, I met some pretty amazing people: Natalie, Ashley, Brooke, Lori, Nancy, Sandi and Shayna (and those are just the ones in this picture). Here us Canadian gals (and adoptive Canadian – Ashley) posed on a “Tin Lizzie” before learning a few historic tidbits from Sheryl Connelly, Ford Futurist.


Sheryl Connelly (Ford Futurist) and Dean Weber (Ford Archivist) sharing stories on Ford’s history.

Canadian Model T

The Canadian Model T – 1915

The Ford Snow Machine

Could you imagine driving winter roads with this?

The mystery behind "The Secret Room" in the Ford Piquette Plant. Detroit, Michigan

The Secret Room is where Henry Ford and his team would make history in the automobile world. This is the room where the Model T was born, the first car that was relatively affordable to that generation.

A historic Model T in the Ford Piquette Plant's Secret Room. This Model T is what you would see in print and the movies

The above photo is me with a very famous Model T. If you have seen the Model T in print or the movies, this is probably the one you’ve seen.

Mother In Law Seat Ford Piquette Plant

The “Mother-in-law seat”. Note how it’s not shielded from the weather.

Vintage Ford Mustang

I couldn’t leave the Piquette Plant without a photo of this iconic logo.

Randa and Natalie - Canadian Bloggers at the Ford Piquette Plant

I had a lot of fun with my fellow bloggers at the Ford Piquette Plant. Here is myself and Natalie (Peg City Lovely) “Vanna-ing” this Ford GT; along with Vernon (Movernie), Nancy (Whispered Inspirations) and Ashley (Quirky Inspired). I’m honored to have shared this experience with them.

Thank you Ford for this once in a lifetime opportunity. Be sure to read about my time at the North American International Auto Show Day 1 and NAIAS Day 2.

The Ford Piquette Plant is located at 461 Piquette Street Detroit, MI 48202 and they are open for public tours.

14 comments on “The Ford Piquette Plant and Dining In The Halls of History”

  1. Awesome photos, Randa! It was so great to meet you and hang out with you this past week! HOW did I miss the secret room? Would love to go back and really spend time reading more of the info they had on the exhibits. Fascinating!

    • You had to have walked in without noticing, there was no way you missed it! There were a bunch of cars (including that red one I have a photo with). It was great to spend time with you as well. Thanks for all the hairspray haha!

    • Lol…I guess I was just so “in awe” of everything around me, I didn’t notice it! Hehehe…you are welcome for the hairspray 😉

  2. Love this whole experience. It’s high up on my husband’s list to get in on this tour in the future, and the museum!

  3. Oh my word that food looks yummy! Looks like you had an amazing time, love all the photos and reading about your adventure!

  4. I have loved following along with your experience and this looks like such a neat place!! Definitely somewhere I would love to experience. Looks like it was a great time 🙂

  5. Oh, cool! I love history too so it would be fun to visit that plant! Everything I’ve read/seen about Henry Ford is fascinating. He certainly seems like a guy a head of his times! 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  6. Loving all the fabulous photos Randa!!! OMG and the dessert!!!!! I totally drooled over the food..hehe

  7. Very cool. Looks like a great time.

  8. Randa: You take amazing pictures always and that is a great asset for any brand working with you. I love the first shot here and the group picture too. I don’t recognize one of the faces so I am going to try to figure out who that is after I leave you this comment. I enjoy all of your posts and it looks like this was an amazing time for everyone! I like the quote there too by the way. That’s interesting. I think it speaks to Ford’s insightful and inventive nature.

    • Paula, it’s probably Ashley Sears from Quirky Inspired. She’s a US blogger that we picked up haha.

      Thank you so much, it means a lot that you appreciate the hard work that goes into the photos and posts 🙂

  9. What a fabulous opportunity to walk in a historic place, and to be inspired by Henry Ford’s story. My friend and I are travelling to Dearborn next week and I’ll mention this plant to her!

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