Getting Over A Black Thumb – Calling All Gardeners

It’s not secret now that my husband and I are building a house. It’s a new experience that I’m really looking forward to and am excited about. I have all sorts of plans on how to make that house much better then the current house we have now. One of the features I am wanting to concentrate on my home is landscaping and gardening.

My plan for the outside is simple. In the front of the house I want some flower boxes near the basement window (similar to what a typical home has) filled with lilies and other easy to plan flowers. I am not known for my green thumb, in fact I have the total opposite. I have never planted a flower successfully in my life, but I feel like I have done a little more research now and I am ready for next year.

Out the back door and onto my deck near my kitchen I am hoping to have a windowbox filled with fresh herbs. Having fresh herbs is very important to me since I am sick of using the dried ones. I feel like having fresh herbs benefits my cooking. This I’m a little nervous about. Last year I won a contest online where my prize was a “fool proof” herb kit. Well, it wasn’t that fool proof since nothing ever sprouted.

I was also thinking of doing something elsealong of the back of my house with some other easy to grow, low maintenance flowers (I am still a beginner and I want to take baby steps). I have been looking online and you can find some beautiful window boxes that suits everyone’s tastes these days. I just need to get over the intimidation factor and find something that would look great in those boxes.

Any ideas and suggestions for easy to grow, low maintenance, re-appearing year after year flowers?

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One comment on “Getting Over A Black Thumb – Calling All Gardeners”

  1. Check with your county extension agent or your local Master Gardener’s group for suggestions on what grows well in your area. Make sure the plants you choose have the right location as to sunlight and that you give them the correct amount of water. Read and follow the directions on the plant labels. Good luck and have fun!

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