A Giant Cupcake, An Attempt, and a Fail.


Birthday Cake Idea

It was my husband’s birthday last month, and I wanted to utilize the giant cupcake pan that I had. It’s not often I get to make a giant cupcake, so I was excited about it.

The last time I used this pan was when I made my son’s cake for his “Cake Smash” photography session. It turned out great, I was rather impressed with myself.  

Giant Cupcake Cake Inspiration

I apologize for this photo, by the way, it’s the only one I have. It was taken quickly with my iPhone last March.

Fast forward a year, and it was time to take out my giant cupcake pan again.

I opted to use the Black Magic Chocolate Cake recipe that I used for the Jake and The Neverland Pirates cake  (which I made for my son’s birthday two weeks earlier).

Cupcake batter


The baking time took a little longer then usual, I had it in the oven for a little over an hour. I was a little concerned when I finally pulled it out of the oven and there where some burnt pieces, then I remembered that those pieces had to be peeled off anyway.How to make a giant cupcake

Even the burnt pieces tastes amazing. I didn’t want to waste this delicious cake, so I took a piece of paper towel and pressed on the cake to flatten it out. Do this when the cake is fresh out of the oven.

Cake baking tips - push down on the cake with a piece of paper towel when it's fresh out of the oven to prevent a "dome". This way there is no cake being wasted!

It’s a great tip to remember. It may not look the best, but you don’t waste any cake. Priorities people!

Giant cupcake cake

The cake at this stage is really fragile. I, carefully, transferred it onto a wire rack to let it cool. At this point the cake started breaking, I should have known that this project was going to turn into a disaster.

After I made sure that the cake was completely cool, I made up a batch of my favorite butter-cream frosting recipe. This time I left out the white chocolate and added a little more sugar so the flowers would hold better (spoiler alert, I didn’t add enough).

I frosted the center so the top would hold to the bottom with just plain frosting and when that was finished I colored the rest blue (just for fun).

Cupcake cake

Using my Wilton 1M tip I began to swirl around the giant cupcake to make “roses”. I didn’t get a proper photo of this stage (the one above is the next day after I “fixed my disaster” – spoiler alert). It was looking okay, but I realized at this point that I didn’t add enough sugar for the flowers to have the perfect consistency.

Now to be totally honest, while I was decorating the cupcake I was doing four things at once: talking on the phone, cooking my favorite spaghetti, sipping wine and piping frosting onto the giant cupcake. I do not recommend doing that, just focus on the cupcake (and save the wine for after). After a row of “roses”, I turned to check on my spaghetti sauce and when I turned back around, I found my cupcake on it’s side.

I handled it pretty well, considering I’m a perfectionist.

Epic fail

I realized that it wasn’t my night, and I placed the mess in the fridge and opted to try the following afternoon.

Giant cupcake - cake smash cake idea

So after a wonderful turkey dinner, I decided to attempt to fix my cake. I clean it up, put it back together and quickly (not carefully) re-piped it. You can see in the above photo that I rushed the bottom and that it was “melting” with the heat of the kitchen.

Making a giant cupcake - birthday cake idea.Considering that it it completely fell apart, and had to be re built, it doesn’t look THAT BAD. Right?

Let me turn it around for you…

Cake Fail
There are some things that you just cannot fix.

Sometimes you win some, sometimes you lose some.

Do you have a #cakefail story? Share it below.

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12 comments on “A Giant Cupcake, An Attempt, and a Fail.”

  1. I LOVE this Randa, the roses are beautiful and I think the “cupcake” looks amazing! Where did you ever get such a great pan?

    • The one I have is NordicWare. I received it YEARS ago as one of my first products reviews on The Bewitchin’ Kitchen. I have seen a similar one at Michaels made my Wilton.

  2. As long as the fail tastes good! It looks yummy!

  3. I love that you posted the backside of the cupcake 🙂 Makes me feel so much better about all my fails! I agree though… as long as it tastes good!

  4. OH NO!! Well it looked very pretty!!! I think every one of baking feats can be considered a cake fell story!! Nothing I bake turns out pretty! Tastes good, so I guess that is all that matters!

  5. It happens to us all! I’ve featured this post on our Canadian Moms Cook FB page tonight! We are all human 😉

  6. I don’t know, it still looks pretty tasty to me!!!

  7. BAHAHAHA I was thinking this looks amazing! Way better than I can do, and it fell apart, and melted! Then you showed the back 🙂 That would be pretty much my whole cupcake at that point…or …my hubby would’ve gotten it on the plate 1/2 fallen over. And told to say thank you b/c I tried 😛

  8. it still looks so yummy

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