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 When it comes to nursing clothes, you want something quick and easy. Especially for those late night feeds. However, it’s also nice to have clothes that look nice too. It’s hard to find items of clothing that are not only practical, but fashionable as well, with Glamourmom the search ends with them.
Glamourmom Nursing Bra Tank was born out of necessity in 2000 shortly after founder, Line Rothman, gave birth to her first daughter. She desperately searched for a nursing top that provided full support and easy breast access, while keeping her post-partum belly covered. Unable to find anything and frustrated, Line designed what did not yet exist, a tank top with a unique full support built-in nursing bra.Since then, Glamourmom has evolved into an internationally loved brand. Our expanding collection is designed exclusively with moms and moms-to-be in mind with the idea that every woman deserves to be a Glamourmom! 

I was sent the Nursing Bra Tummy Control Tank. I love how easy this tank top makes nursing and/or breastfeeding. Just undo the easy to use hooks on the shoulder straps and you’re ready to go. I also love the length of this tank top, it goes over my jeans nicely and helps hide my post baby muffin top.
The unique feature of this Glamourmom top is the built in support tummy panel. I wore this tank top the day after I had Carter, thinking it would help me shrink my belly. Yes, it does help with keeping you sucked it and it even helps reduce stretch marks but I would not recommend wearing it that soon. I was very uncomfortable as the tummy control panel is very tight and I noticed it pinched right where my waist started.
So I waited two weeks until I wore it again (and I dropped about twenty pounds). The second time I wore it, it was more comfortable where I could wear it all day (the first time I only lasted a few hours) but I am still a little too big to wear it comfortably. It bunches up and rides up, however; I don’t see it doing that after a couple more pounds.
Glamourmom also offers regular nursing tank tops and I would definitely recommend those since they are built similar to the tummy control tank (but without the control panel) . The material is nice and thick so when you leak, it doesn’t go through. The tanks are also very aesthetically pleasing.
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