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I am all for “green cleaning”. Rarely do I ever purchase cleaners, I always thought that if you bought them, it meant that they were laden with harmful chemicals. I recently had the opportunity to review Green Works and I learned that the fact I thought I knew was indeed fiction.I have noticed Green Works many times in my Walmart trips or grocery shops, but never purchased any of the line. I was skeptical to believe that it was either:
a) An actual green product
and b) If it was an actual green product, if it would indeed clean my house to my expectations.

After diving into some research about green works I found out about an organization called the Natural Products Association and what they have done is create a standard for natural products. They have certain criteria to meet. Green Works has met all the NPA’s expectations and five of their cleaners are on the list. To be natural a company’s ingredients have to be 95% natural (excludes water), they cannot test on animals, avoid harmful chemicals and environmentally sustainable. So yes, I believe Green Words to be an actual green product.My next concern was met right away. As soon as I got home I used the product that I had the least confidence in: the glass cleaner. Previous natural glass cleaners I reviewed either left a film or didn’t do a great job on cleaning. So I had very low expectations of this product. I have now tossed my Windex in the garbage. The Green Works Glass Cleaner works amazingly. I was so shocked. The first place I tried it was the bathroom and the mirror was a mess, there were fingerprints, water stains and even toothpaste. With this glass cleaner I didn’t even have to use elbow grease. It even has a nice light scent.

I am also reviewing the All-Purpose Cleaner. In my mind, this is another winning product. For starters: I love the scent, it reminds me of something citrus-y. It also works great! The All-Purpose Cleaner has great coverage and I find it doesn’t even need to sit long on the stain or blob of goo (I had a huge sauce of a mess) long to penetrate and eliminate. The APC is safe to use on countertops, appliances, stainless steel (although I prefer using the glass cleaner), sealed granite, chrome, cooktop hoods, sinks and toilets. This is the Green Words product I see the most often in stores, so I ‘m guessing it’s their best seller!

The last Green Works product I want to discuss is the bathroom cleaner. The hardest place in my bathroom to get clean is the sink. It drives me INSANE how my husband doesn’t know how to clean out the sink after he brushes his teeth and by the time I get to it, the toothpaste is stuck and has made a huge mess, not to mention the stopped is dull and it just doesn’t look to good. This bathroom cleaner got rid of it like it was nothing. Before I used products and scrubbed and scrubbed, again with Green Works I didn’t have to use as much elbow grease as what I am used to. On the Green Works website I read in the description that the bathroom cleaner powers through the following: rust, soap scum and hard water stains! No more harmful chemicals, goodbye CLR! Who would have though plant and mineral based ingredients would do such a great job?

Well my second objection to Green Works was stomped on. I am so happy I had the chance to review this brand, Green Works was always a company that had me thinking but I just didn’t want to waste money on something that didn’t work. After this last month, I have proven that Green Works stands for quality and results, as well as being eco-friendly. I would recommend them to anyone!

Green Works’ website has some great information about being natural and other useful facts. Feel free to check them out.

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