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I love tea, especially loose leaf tea. I have reviewed a few companies over the last couple of years and I have to say that Herbal Philosophy is one of my favorites.You can tell that the founder, Lucy, truly cares about people and her customers. I first figured that out by stumbling across Herbal Philosophy’s mission statement: To encourage natural healing in modern society by sharing ancient and contemporary herbal remedies.

Not only does Herbal Philosophy’s mission statement show the passion Lucy has for her teas, but her knowledge does as well. With all of my reviews, there are multiple emails back and forth discussing the terms, whether or not there is a giveaway, etc and it has been such a joy to deal with Lucy. She was such a help. I know that there are some teas that pregnant women should not have and picking out a tea to review was a little by trying for me. After sending Lucy an email, regarding my problem, she responded letting me know that she was going to send me the Mother’s Tea. She knew exactly what my body needed at this time in my life.

A Little Background About Herbal Philosophy:
Herbal Philosophy was founded upon the belief that Mother Nature is an embodiment of the feminine nature of the Great Spirit. Man was created by the Great Spirit, so it follows that Mother Nature can take the best care of us, if we let her. Too often, modern society relies on man-made solutions to our ailments, a toxic cocktail of chemicals that provides temporary relief while harming our bodies on an irreparable level. These are band-aids, not solutions. Since man has yet to understand the true source and meaning of life, it is no wonder that we often fail in nurturing life. After witnessing multiple cases of illness and disease suspiciously linked to chemically-laden lives, our founder became drawn to herbal medicine. She pursued a study of modern and ancient herbal remedies, feeding an insatiable desire to learn anything and everything. She started mixing teas and making potions, testing the concoctions on anyone willing to participate. The shocking success of the serenity and hangover remedies became the very first Herbal Philosophy Teas and the rest is history.
Like I said before, I was confused and kept asking myself what kind of tea can a pregnant woman drink? The answer was Mother’s Tea. Mother’s Tea tones the uterus and helps with the joyous morning sickness with raspberry leaf. I never knew until I was on Herbal Philosophy’s website that raspberry leaf can help you have a shorter labor and can lower your risk of a c-section, forceps, vacuum, etc. The peppermint and lemon peel help ease your tummy on those trying days, the chamomile helps you relax and calms you (pregnancy can be quite stressful for some of us) and you are also getting some calcium with nettles and oat-straw, and vitamins and minerals with dandelion leaf and alfalfa (which also help relieve fluid retention, and can help prevent hemorrhaging).
Now all the day is fine and dandy, but I won’t force myself to drink/eat anything that doesn’t appeal to me, regardless of the health benefits. I’m happy to report that I love the Mother’s Tea. I can really pick out the chamomile and peppermint. I try to have a cup every night.
For more information visit Herbal Philosophy’s website.


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  1. I just learned that raspberry leaf can help you have a shorter birthing labour – how great is that!
    Serena D

  2. Raspberry equals shorter labour!!

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