How Shakeology Helped Ease My Hives

Shakeology Review

Last summer was a summer to remember, but not for the right reasons. Last July I started to get hives, and they progressed into chronic hives. It was awful. After months of suffering, I found something to help ease my hives – Shakeology.

I spent the months from July to January absolutely miserable. The itch turned into an intense burn. I had hives 24/7. The hives were not always 100% covering my body but I seemed to always have a patch of it somewhere (I even had a doctor call me a monster, playfully).

I saw my doctor on a regular basis, had all sorts of tests done and nothing. Not a single answer on why I was being tortured day after day. I cut out dairy, I cut out sugar and although I do believe I have a dairy intolerance, there were no allergies. I was sent to a special Dermatologist at the U of A and in my appointment he called in three other doctors to poke me, examine me and they still came up with no answers. The term frustration is an understatement to explain how I felt. For a week I had an IV in my hand and had to go to the hospital twice a day to get pumped full of steroids, plus I was taking a hefty dose of Prednisone, it led to a 15 pound weight gain. I hated my life and was completely miserable.

Cure For Hives

What I looked like everyday from July – January 2012 (this wasn’t even the worst).

The weight gain really put a lot of pressure on me, I felt like I was spiraling and didn’t want this to be my life. I knew of Beachbody as I have ordered many programs from them in the past and always had fabulous results. I used Shakeology sporadically in the past, but with that amount of weight gain I wanted to commit. When I ordered in January, I learned that Canadian’s were finally able to become coaches so I jumped at the opportunity to save 25% on my orders.

It only took five days for my hives to disappear. That’s it! I wasn’t sure if it was a coincidence or not, so I went off it for a few days and they started to come back. My doctor did tell me that I had chronic hives and that the painful, itchy spots would always be something I would have to deal with. When I told him about my results with Shakeology, he agreed that I should stay on it. He couldn’t understand how my hives disappeared but did acknowledge the fact that it was a dense in nutrition. He connected the fact that I had hives with me having Graves Disease (I actually had my thyroid fully removed), which could be the case but I feel like my body was lacking something and was acting out. Actually the first time I ever ordered Shakeology was because my Endocrinologist suggested it, she drinks it and thought it could help me with the fact that I gain weight when I look at food.

T25 Beta Phase

Me today – hive free and feeling awesome.

All I know is Shakeology works for me. I have found the help I needed for chronic hives, for craving control and the tool I need to lead a healthier lifestyle. It’s not just a shake, I use it as my multivitamin, my protein boost, dessert, and a post-workout treat. It works for me, it will probably work for you too.

To learn more about Shakeology, please feel free to email me or you can head over to my Shakeology site to order and read some success stories/find out ingredients/or hear what doctors have to say.

How Shakeology helped ease my symptoms of chronic hives, banished my cravings, gave me energy and helped me change my life.

How Shakeology helped ease my chronic hives, banished my cravings, gave me energy and helped me change my life.

Shakeology comes in Chocolate, Vanilla, Greenberry, Vegan Chocolate and Vegan Tropical Strawberry.

Disclaimer: I am a Beachbody Coach, I do make a 25% commission off of retail orders of Shakeology. All opinions are from my own personal experiences. If someone signs up to be a coach under me, they received the 25% commission as their own discount.

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31 comments on “How Shakeology Helped Ease My Hives”

  1. That’s crazy! I wish I had the extra money to order this for Sam & I. Possibly something to look into in a few months though 🙂

    • It will always be there when you’re ready. It’s the best money I have spent. I’m trying to get my hubby to start drinking more. He likes it in baking lol

  2. I have had hives before and they are NOT fun. I am glad that you found something that worked for you

    • They’re awful. It’s a terrible feeling when all the doctors can’t do a thing for you. Many tears were shed out of frustration.

  3. WOW that is crazy! I am so happy that you got rid of them. Off to check out Shakeologhy! Thanks

    • I’m happy too. It was torture! I do notice when I’m off my shakes for about a week, I feel them coming back. As happy as I am to have them gone, I would like to know why I get them in the first place. I personally, believe my body is lacking on something but I want to know what it is.

  4. Wow! Amazing story. Those hives looked so painful and I’m so glad to know this worked out for you.

  5. That is crazy! I had recurring hives last January and know how horrible they are… luckily mine went away with Benedryl and haven’t returned. I’m glad you found relief!

  6. I am so glad you found something that works for you!

  7. That’s a crazy story! I can’t believe you lived like that for so long! I’m glad you found your cure and your calling! 🙂

  8. Oh man – hives are the worst! So glad you were able to cure them girlie. 🙂

  9. That is awesome! I am so happy for you! A friend of mine suffers from hives, and I know they are miserable! I keep hearing so much about Shakeology, I really need to try it!

  10. wow that just sounds amazing. Sometimes we need to look at the alternatives out there for our health. i think i would want to try the Shakeology stuff, it looks like a yummy way to cure yourself of imbalances in the body.

    • I swear by the stuff. It’s helped me in many ways, it’s why I became a coach. If you’re ever interested, I run monthly challenge groups on how it works on the body. If you don’t yet have a coach, you’re welcome to join us.

  11. You look fantastic! Those hives must of made you 100% miserable. I am so glad things are better.

  12. I know of Shakeology through my TurboFire workouts. I’ve never tried it as I am an avid juicer and smoothie maker. I am glad your body responded to it and that you’re feeling much better.

  13. I keep hearing amazing thoughts about this products, I just wish I had the extra cash to buy. I am sure it is well worth it but not in the budget just yet! One day!! Glad it helped with the hives! That must have been really hard!!!

    • Completely understand, I was in that position too. It’s why I became a coach, to save the 25%. Then I’m able to share it with friends and with the money I have made from being a coach – it covers my costs and gives me a little extra money – which is always a bonus haha.

  14. Wow, that is awful you had to go through that! My middle child breaks out in hives constantly, but we have no clue why. The doctor thinks its stress related, but she just turned 4 (she is only partially verbal, so she can’t tell us anything.) I’m not sure what she would be stressed about – but so glad you are better! I bet you feel relieved!

    • It’s so annoying when you can’t find the root of your problem. I still don’t know why. I’m a high strung person, so I’m sure stress is a cause as well. I hope she gets better!

  15. They actually have decent flavors.

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  17. Thanks for sharing your story! I’ve ordered the sampler pack, and just have to get used to the taste 🙂

  18. I have this same issue, how often do you drink shakeology? Once a day? And if so what are your other meals? I’m trying to see if this will work for me!

    • I drink it once a day, although lately it’s just been a few times a week. I need to up my game 😉 haha. I usually drink it once in the midmorning after a workout. It works as my breakfast.

  19. So do you only drink shakeology everyday, or how many meals do you replace with it? If so, what else do you eat? I’ve had chronic hives for 6 months now and I’m on Xolair shots to control them but I feel you on how frustrating they are. The Cola is has caused weight gain for me as well and I would like to get off of it but if I miss a shot the hives always pop up again.

    • Hey Krista,

      I only drink it once a day, I’ll add fruit or whatever I feel like. I have never tried the Xolair, actually it has never even been suggested to me.

      I’m not drinking Shakeology for a few weeks as I’m eliminating all sugars and doing a Candida Cleanse as I read in my textbooks that that could be a cause for these hives (I’m going to school to be a nutritionist). The hives has come back, it’s frustrating. It’s like they got better with Shakeology for a while and then my body got used to it or something.

  20. I love the shakeology program. Didn’t know it could help with hives. That’s awesome!

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