How To Make Your Phone Unique

Many of us want us and our stuff to get noticed. In order to turn heads and impress the people we don’t like, many purchase the iPhone. However, with phone production costs getting lower, many could afford high end phones and the iPhone is not that rare or impressive anymore. If you want to turn heads, you have to be creative nowadays. Thus, here are some tips on how to make your phone impressively unique.

How To Make Your Phone Unique

Use Skins One very good way to achieve a unique look on your phone is by getting skin designs from iSkin, Otterbox, Skinit, Wrapsol, Casemate, Gelaskins, and Griffin. These skins really offer a unique look to your phone. From professionally designed artworks, to famous characters, to silly images like one that would make your phone look like a bento (boxed lunch), or a family computer controller.

Get Unique Cases Installing unique cases or rubber protectors on your phone can give it a unique personality. You can encase it in a Transformer themed case, or in a rubber protector with bunny ears or devil horns. There are many available casings and protectors in the market. Be sure to select one that suits your personality and fashion preference as this kind of compatibility adds to the attractiveness of both the phone and the user.
Apply your own artwork If your phone’s casing is removable, you can try to apply artwork in it. Buy a marker for plastic and some good looking stickers and glue. Use your imagination and transform your phone’s case into an artwork that shows your style and personality.  
get DIY Phones If you want a personalized phone, DIY or do it yourself phones is the ultimate customized phone. You will handle everything from your phone’s assembly to the materials, design, size, and shape of its case and keypad. If you want a large keypad or a steam punk themed casing, you can do it. The decision is yours. The best thing is that such phones are one of the great cell phone deals that you can have. It is available for only $155. You can also make use of at&t coupon code in order to get great deals when purchasing phones from AT&T.

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