How to Pitch for Travel

Yesterday I was in a Facebook group and offered to send over my travel pitch to help another blogger. The how to pitch for travel outline ended up being a huge hit and I was completely overwhelmed with requests. So why not add a new blogging resource? I figured this would be the easier than sending a ton of emails, and maybe I’ll help out a few others too.

How to pitch for travel - a great blogging resource and how to for travel bloggers, beginner bloggers, and lifestyle bloggers. Share the world with your readers.

2016 was the year I fell in love with travel. I traveled more in that year than I had in my whole entire live. Here are some of my adventures:

You can see all my adventures on my travel section. Travel had even inspired me to make a 30 Before 30 list .If you haven’t done this. I recommend it, it’s a fun exercise for your brain and heart.

How to Pitch For Travel

I am in no way a travel expert. What works for me, may not work for you and you know what? This isn’t a guarantee that you will land the travel opp of your dreams. This may not be the best way to pitch, but it’s the way I pitch. I’m direct with what I want and what I’m willing to offer.

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Another great tip is to offer a Tripadvisor review in your package as well.

I love to write about travel! Sharing experiences and photos is a lot of fun for me (I love looking back at palm trees and sunset pictures), so if I’m planning a trip somewhere, I pitch. Not everything you see on The Bewitchin’ Kitchen’s travel section has been compensated. There are many attractions that I have shared on my blog that I paid for but wanted to share with my readers. If I find something unique or something that makes the trip – I share it. It’s about building a community and sharing experiences, not getting travel “for free”.

PS – it’s not “for free”. Having a stay compensated is (sometimes) less than what my blogging rates are. I do it because I love it, so keep that in mind. I do try to balance the work I put in with what I”m being offered but I spend hours putting together posts, videos, and images. Just my two cents.

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