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 Mabu Baby Eco-Diaper System was developed by Mabu Naturals International Inc. Mabu are not only people with babies, children and grandchildren, but they are also designers and creative product developers. Their aim is to take washable diapers out of niche markets and make them affordable and accessible to everyone.

 I’m the kind of girl who loves options. Options when it comes to my clothes, options when it comes to my meals and options when it comes to my son’s cloth diapers. With the Mabu Baby eco-diaper system you can choose whether or not to use a reusable or disposable insert.

Right now Carter is taking in breastmilk so his diapers are not that bad, so I have no problem using the reusable insert. I love how absorbent it is and that it’s “doubled up”. When I say doubled up, I mean that the fabric is folded in half to give you extra protection and the folded design allows the inserts to dry quicker. This insert is made of a new eco-polyster that is developed by Mabu called EcoWix. EcoWix is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles and enhanced with natural bamboo white charcoal. It wicks away wetness and keeps your baby dry.

Mabu Baby Eco-Diaper Washable Pads


I have hard horror stories about baby’s diapers when they start eating solids, and when they are off breastmilk their dirty diapers are no longer water soluble. What that means is, you can’t just toss it in the wash anymore, you have to go the extra step and shake it in the toilet and even soak it. This is when the disposable inserts are more beneficial. That way, when you change your baby you can just put the diaper over a garbage and shake out the insert completely (a reminder to throw it out, never flush it as it can cause blocked plumbing). Less laundry and it’s a lot more daddy friendly. Another option, that I just learned about, is with the disposable liners. With the liners you can use them to wrap around the insert to make clean ups easy and still the the full absorption benefit as the reusable liner.
I am loving the Mabu Baby starter kits because they give you options. Each kit contains:

  • 2 diaper covers)
  • 2 snap-in pad holders,
  • 2 washable diaper pads
  • 2 disposable diaper pads and
  • 5 liners
This way you get the best of both worlds and can figure out what works the best for you and your baby. There are four sizes for you to choose from: newborn (4-11 pounds), 1 (6-13 pounds), 2 (9-20 pounds), 3/4 (15-40 pounds).
I’m really enjoying my Mabu Baby newborn diapers, I’m thankful that I have another set of diapers that Carter can wear right no win his preemie stage (disposables give him an awful rash). The diapers have never leaked and seem to contain the majority of the mess on the reusable pad (I have had poop smear onto the cover, which is not the end of the world). These diapers wash easy and are very user friendly.
Another product I was sent was the Mabu Duzi Cloths. I love these cloths and they have changed the way I have cleaned, I decreased my use of paper towels and have gone “green”. When you first receive them they are stiff because they are treated with a vegetable based starch, just toss them in the wash and they become incredibly soft and ready to be used. So what’s the different between the Duzi’s and regular cloths? They rinse out 99% of the bacteria so they’re completely reusable right away. I love them and I think every house should have one, two or three.

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  2. It has an 8 layer design!

  3. They are made with an 8 layer design.
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  4. They’re made from 100% Natural Wood Pulp Fiber!

  5. I learned they’re made with EcoWix™ fabric which is made with natural white bamboo charcoal and green, high-tech recycled polyester.

  6. I learned that the Diaper Outer Shell is made of 100% Recycled Polyester (made with certified recycled plastic bottles).
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  7. I learned the soft polyester is made from recycled pop bottles

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  8. You can save $50 per month

  9. I learned that they come in handy 4 packs in NewBorn and Mini, and 2 packs in Mini and Maxi sizes. [email protected]

  10. I learned that they’re 100% Natural Wood Pulp Fiber – odd – never heard of that before.
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  11. I learned that they sell these in some walmarts!

  12. I learned they have an 8 layer designs how awesome is that !

  13. I love that they are in retail stores such as some walmarts

  14. the 8 layer design is amazing!

  15. Very interesting what they are made of natural bamboo white charcoal and high tech recycled polyester.

  16. I learned that they sell these in some wal-mart stores. More CD/Hybrid exposure!

  17. I learned they are made of some different fabrics that you don’t often see in cloth diapers – high tech poly and natural bamboo!

  18. Washable AND disposable pad to pick from!? My husband will love that!

  19. I learned that they are made out of a soft polyester from recycled plastic bottles!

  20. The diapers are made from natural and recycled fabrics. They use green high-tech polyester fabrics made from recycled plastic bottles.

  21. I learned that the polyester in the diaper comes from recycled plastic bottles.

  22. Made from Bamboo!

  23. Their new dipes are made from recycled soda bottles!

  24. made from recycled plastic bottles!

  25. I like that they have been around since 1997

  26. I learned that they are made from recycled materials!

  27. made from recycled plastic bottles

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  30. made from recycled materials – love that! i like that there are washable and disposable liner options too

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  31. Cindy B (on rc/fb) ~ the Mabu line is also sold under the name duzi ~ thanks for a great giveaway.
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  32. I learned that their packaging is FSC approved

  33. They have recycled content in the diapers! (recycled plastic)

  34. They have 8 layers!

  35. There are lots of ways to use them and the absorbancy can be customized for boys or girls.

  36. I learned that they are made from recycled pop bottles! Great that they are available in some mainstream stores too!
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  37. they have eight layers

  38. Lvoe the reusable liners!

  39. love that you can choose reusble or disposable inserts 🙂

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