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Summer is coming and when I think of summer, I think of BBQ. We’re huge beef consumers come summertime: grilled steak, burgers, even roasts. As soon as May comes around, they’re all done on the grill. Since I like to know what I eat and where it comes from I have found the above infographic incredibly helpful and I wanted to share. Think of it as your meat cheat sheet.


To use this cheat sheet is simple: find the area of the cow that you will be eating and you will be able to look up the specifics. Along with the cut of meat you will also find the recommended cooking method. The key is on the right hand side and you will be able to figure out what the symbols mean for the cooking method there. For those of you who are on a budget, or just like to know what’s the better “bang for your buck”, there is also a cost explanation as well.
For example:
Usually when it comes to BBQ’d steak, I buy Top Sirloin. It marinates really well (be sure to read my recipe for steak marinade) and it’s just the kind I buy. I honestly I don’t put too much thought into it, I don’t care to spend too much money on steak when it’s just my husband and I because we marinate the heck out of it anyway. Turns out that top sirloin is very inexpensive (up to $4 USD according to the chart) and is best cooked in a stir fry or grilled on the BBQ.
What is your favorite cut of beef and according to this chart what does it recommend?
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13 comments on “Cuts of Beef – Meat Cheat Sheet”

  1. Cool thanks. I love the subtitle: A Cheat Sheet for Meat Treats – funny!

  2. NIce chart, I like short ribs best.

  3. Thanks I pinned this so I can remember it. Always good to know!

  4. What a great “cheat sheet”, I really don’t know which cut of beef equates to which part. It is definitely something useful to refer back to!

  5. very interesting to know this I usually don’t pay attention to this when buying beef

  6. I have never been knowledgeable about beef – not a HUGE fan; I always just tended to buy what was on sale, as long as there wasn’t much fat to it

  7. I’m so excited for BBQ season!! This chart is so cool! Thanks for sharing!

  8. What a nice cheat sheet. I just assume it’s all “rump roast” just because it’s silly!

  9. Hi,
    Do you have the original version of this? I can’t get it to enlarge and it’s not quite big enough for me to read as is. I’d really love a copy if you could email it to me!

    • Krista, if you hover over it and click the enlarge that comes up – it should. If you have anymore issues, let me know and I will look into it further.

    • Yeah, I’ve tried that in 3 different browsers and the screen goes dark, but I never get the graphic. That’s why I was wondering if you had the original.

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