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 Mothers Choice Products was started in 1993 by Sandra Hass, a registered nurse specializing in maternal child health. While teaching prenatal and after having her third child she came to the realization that there was a need for quality products.

 Mother’s Choice Products is a Canadian company that is operated out of Richmond, British Columbia. Over the years Mother’s Choice has been recognized with many honors such as: 2009’s business of the year, being ranked top 200 of Canada’s fastest growing companies in 2010, and Sandra was ranked by  Canada’s Top Women Entrepreneurs from Profit W100.
There are many products available at Mother’s Choice Product’s for moms (and dads) everywhere. Mother’s Choice sells everything you need for breastfeeding (including Ameda breast pumps and replacement parts,  education materials, nursing pads, creams and storage materials). That is actually where Mother’s Choice got it’s start, Sandra would bring hospital quality to the consumer’s home.
Mother’s Choice is not just limited to breastfeeding products. They also distribute diaper creams/salves, bags & change pads, special gifts and items to make life a little easier for mom.
I was sent a product called NaturzAire to review. NaturzAire is an all natural deodorizer that is the perfect accessory for nurseries. My nursery is our main “station”. It’s there he sleeps, gets dressed and gets changed (like most nurseries). With the changing comes smells, and those smells are not the easier to get rid of. With NaturzAire I just toss the NaturzAire pouch in his diaper pail and it starts to work.
NaturzAire are reusable and are safe to use in diaper pails (being that they are non toxic). This environmentally friendly “odor-eater” not only takes away the stench but it also absorbs moisture (keeping not only the odor away, but bacteria growth as well). NaturzAire is free of human made chemicals and the fabric is certified organic cotton.
To find out more about NaturzAire, or to see all the other fabulous products that Mother’s Choice provides, please visit the Mother’s Choice Products website.

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  1. As the mother select the best stuffs for their children so they should be asked for some superior choices and your recommended options are truly perfect for it. Thanks for a cool collection for kids :).
    mother baby products

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