Moulinex Hand Blender + #Giveaway

Moulinex Hand Blender

It seems like the hand blender has always been the forgotten small appliance. Personally, I never really think I need one until I’m making pureed soups or my yorkshire puddings.

The Moulinex Hand Blender makes pureeing foods so much quicker then my past routine.

When I would make Roasted Broccoli Soup, I would transfer the hot mixture to my blender and go blend. The problem with doing so was that pouring soup in a blender was impossible for me to do without spilling some. Every time I did this it made a mess, and let’s not forget to remember that it’s with hot soup. The splash-back was not pleasant.

Moulinex Hand Blender Review

With the Moulinex Hand Blender, I just immerse the blender in whatever I am needing pureed and hold down the button. I had the soup pureed in the same amount of time as a regular blender would have it done – it was fast and saved me a huge mess.

Moulinex Hand Blender and Chopper review

The Moulinex Hand Blender is very user friendly – it’s just one button. It’s simple, just hold it down to blend and puree or pulse it for chopping. The hand blender also comes with 500ml chopper attachment, which is perfect for dicing up a bunch of vegetables at once (saving you even more time with prep work). Another bonus? It comes apart easy and all the non-motorized parts are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. I’m all for easy clean up, and this is as easy as it can get.

I love this Moulinex Hand Blender. A great way to blend soups with little mess


The Moulinex Hand Blender is sold exclusively at Canadian Tire, so be sure to swing by your local store to pick up one (psst… they’re on sale for $29.99 right now).

What would you use the Moulinex Hand Blender for?

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113 comments on “Moulinex Hand Blender + #Giveaway”

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  14. The Expert Fryer. I’ve been wanting something good to make doughnuts in.

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  19. 4 Slice Toaster
    Mine just died πŸ™

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  32. I really like the Convection Toaster Oven

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  58. That is a very cool looking Blender too bad I am a Canadian living in the Usa. (Sighs) I went to enter I found your blog on my twitter feed and thought ok cool and then bam the moving the the usa bites me again lol Good luck to everyone else. lol

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  74. The Expert Fryer and love to own one of their microwaves

  75. I would love the Infiny Press – Slow Juicer

  76. the Digital Slow Cooker!

  77. The Moulinex product I am most excited about is the Food Processor. It would be a great time saver in the kitchen πŸ™‚

  78. I like the digital kettle

  79. digital slow cooker. thanks

  80. the food processor, the hand blender and the slow juicer would all be perfect for our kitchen and new way of eating

  81. I love the hand blender! I’ve got one, but it’s old (I use it a lot!) and will need to be replaced soon. Also, my microwave oven just stopped working 2 days ago, so I would love that!

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  83. I like the Slow Juicer. It’s pretty much the only small appliance left on my want list.

  84. I would love to have the Hand Blender.

  85. Microwave Oven (1.1 Cu ft capacity)

  86. I’d love to have their Food Processor.

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  97. The Infiny Press – Slow Juicer looks really cool; id love to try that

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  100. I would love the Infiny Press – Slow Juicer.

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  111. Infiny Press – Slow Juicer like that it has two different filters

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