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I found My Stuff Designs through winning a blog contest. I won some buttons and zipper pulls (which I later cashed in for more buttons). I was stumped on what I could order. Since I have a wedding coming up in June I figured it was another little thing I could add the everyone’s gifts. I asked Julie if she could make me a black & white themed wedding button with the name of the attendants and their “job”. Julie did an amazing job! I was so impressed when I received them in the mail. 

My camera started acting up before I could get a picture of them, so if you want to see them. Go HERE. It is the first one of the second row. I just love them.
Not only were the buttons beautiful, but another thing that impressed me about My Stuff Designs was the customer service. Julie is great to work with. Not only is she easy to talk to, but you can tell that she cares about her products. I was her first Canadian customer and she was unsure on how long it would take to ship them to me (I have to say it took longer then normal, but it’s getting busy this time of year). Julie checked in from time to time to make sure I received them. She definitely made me feel appreciated.

When I opened my package I found a pleasant surprise. Not only did I received my buttons, but she tossed in some extras for me to review. I received some “The Bewitchin’ Kitchen” buttons, zipper pulls and pins! I think they are so neat!

I also received some blogger magnets! I have to say the magnets are my favorite (everyone needs magnets) they are so strong! I was surprised what good quality the magnet itself was.
You may be thinking to yourself, “what would I used buttons, zipper pulls, and magnets for?” Well, here are some ideas:
  • Labeling
  • Party Favors
  • Game pieces (for a fun school project perhaps)
  • Fund raising
  • Fashion
  • Promotions (businesses, charities, sport teams, even musicians!)
  • Campaigning
  • I.D (Never question if it is your child’s jacket or not with zipper pulls)Head on over to My Stuff Designs and take a look around, there are many pre-made designs that are fantastic, or if you have a specific design in mind she can re-create it for you!


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